Translation of callback in Spanish:



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    sistema de devolución automática de llamadas sistema para hacer llamadas internacionales a costo reducido, utilizando una tarjeta especial (return call)
    • After placing several calls to one of his handlers, I was more then a little surprised to receive a callback from someone who identified themselves as Tom.
    • Furthermore, dynamic queue statistics such as position in queue and expected wait time can be provided to tell customers when they can expect to receive the callback.
    • Delay options of 5, 10 or 30 minutes allow time for preparation to receive the callback.
    • At 1: 30, I was told I would receive a callback from a supervisor within the hour.
    • After three attempts at promised callbacks from the bank, isn't it amazing the effect that going in to the branch and seeing the people has?
    • I put calls out concerning an acquaintance of mine who lives in Rockaway, so I'm sort of on tenterhooks waiting for a callback.
    • And if it's yours, you'll get a callback from the band on your Skype phone.
    • When a Web callback is requested, the contact center can then assign the best possible agent to place the phone call while providing the information necessary to help the agent assist the customer.
    • To request an immediate callback, Web users just click a button on-screen.
    • She pressed one, when it presented the option of instant callback, and then waited.
    • Until the final callback by Elizabeth to confirm that all was handled well, I was amazed and realized that I could not have spent my money any more wisely.
    • Be certain the Web selling system provides this escalation or safety valve feature so customers can easily request a chat, email or callback from someone.
    • In this way, customers can request a voice Web callback from the agent if necessary.
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    call back masculine
  • 3US

    invitación feminine
    • For example, a friend who is an actor has recently arrived in the city and is auditioning and getting callbacks like crazy.
    • Auditions were usually held on a Monday with the cast list not posted until Thursday or Friday to allow time for dance auditions, callbacks, and Mr. Alden's inevitable disorganization.
    • You smile as you remember the initial interview, thinking about how you just knew you had nailed that one and were confident you would get a callback for an on-site interview.
    • They'd both had a callback for their first audition, a show that would air in March.
    • If you love what you do, it will sustain you when you get a disappointing grade on your math test, get cut from the hockey team or don't get the audition callback.
    • I've secured a number of interviews, but very few callbacks.
    • Right before I left for St. Louis I got the audition for the show and then a callback.
    • First an audition she thought she had blown turns into a callback and a role, then a rival actress is hospitalized opening the door for Sally to take over her role in a popular soap opera.
    • He does such a lousy job you don't get the callback until it's over.
    • So far I have not had any callbacks, but I have not been aggressive in contacting them because I have been pretty sick lately.
    • I mean, I go on tons of calls and get a lot of callbacks, but so far I've booked only the one movie.
    • The list for callbacks is up and we're both on it!
    • Many talented dancers fail to get callbacks because of an artistic director's whim or lack of openings in a dance school or company.
    • Their chances of receiving a callback rose 30 percent.
    • There's talk of agents, managers, callbacks and walk-ons.
    • There were lots of murmurings about the various auditions that have been taking place and how no-one has heard anything about callbacks.
    • I got a callback for The Secret Garden and so I went to that today.
    • I had a day of rehearsal, and I got another callback, and they flew me to L.A.
    • If one does that, it is unlikely one will receive a callback.
    • He was asked to explain himself, and did not receive a callback.