Translation of caller in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔlər/ /ˈkɔːlə/


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    we didn't have many callers no vino mucha gente
    • she's a regular caller viene a menudo
    • the caller didn't leave her name la persona que llamó no dejó su nombre
    • Adding to his grief and pain was the number of frequent callers who wished to visit the famed author.
    • Switches are devices used to route telephone calls from callers to receivers.
    • Police in Southend are warning residents to beware of bogus callers who visit the area as summer approaches.
    • The pack has been published in large print and offers advice for householders when receiving a visit from a caller claiming to represent the company.
    • The array of brief conversations with callers reinforces the frantic shifting of thoughts from one conversation to another.
    • Wallace put it back to his caller that if you visited a casino, his analogy was that you could bet on the red or the black in roulette and if you call correctly you get to look like a genius.
    • In the initial contact with the potential client, brief details are taken and then an appointment is arranged for a claims manager to visit the caller.
    • The only caller who paid visits with regularity was Eaton Foster, though he did not come of his own accord.
    • From early on they became frequent callers, and we had many interesting discussions.
    • He was a frequent caller to us and we enjoyed many lengthy chats.
    • She loved to visit the neighbours and friends around her home place in Mayo Abbey and was a frequent caller to Gowel.
    • Paddy is a frequent caller to his friends in Galway when he is there on business.
    • Since its inception in Lismore 200 queries, by personal callers, telephone and letter, have been dealt with.
    • My secretary stopped answering my telephone because callers swore at her.
    • That's the message from Surrey police after bogus callers stole hundreds of pounds from vulnerable victims in one day.
    • Hundreds of callers have been supporting the very close-knit family at their home in Cashel.
    • The equipment is so sophisticated it can even pinpoint some of the hundreds of hoax callers who plague police every year.
    • The district council has set up recorded information so telephone callers can find out the state of play.
    • They had traced the caller's telephone number and were trying to identify the property involved, but Sally had by that time made contact on another number.
    • An anonymous caller telephoned the Evening Press, claiming the library was ‘under siege’ by teenage thugs.