Translation of calligraphy in Spanish:


caligrafía, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈlɪɡrəfi/


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    caligrafía feminine
    • This attention to detail, beauty, and muscle control can later be transferred to cursive writing and beautiful calligraphy.
    • He handed me a note, folded neatly down the middle and lettered in flowing calligraphy.
    • It was a simple, yet elegant invitation - all white, with a little emboss of flowers and the information written in calligraphy.
    • Hearing this, Lanz reached into his pants pocket to pull out a small, crisp piece of paper, with something written in calligraphy.
    • Paintings of fruits, flowers, animals, and national anthem written in ornate Urdu calligraphy embellish its forehead.
    • On the front of the envelope, written in blood-red flowing calligraphy, was one word: Sydney.
    • She gently pressed the note in her palm, touching the delicately written calligraphy with her fingertips.
    • The inside message was written in red calligraphy by David's own hand.
    • A sign written in neat calligraphy says that this marks the spot of a village that was destroyed by a flood a year ago.
    • Saira opened it and pulled out several parchment sheets covered with calligraphy writing.
    • Her name had been written in calligraphy across the center of the envelope.
    • She picked up the fine blossom and began to read the words written in perfect flowing calligraphy.
    • He was interested in calligraphy, writing his lectures in beautifully drawn characters.
    • As expressed in painting, writing and calligraphy, the moon inspired many Chinese scholars throughout the centuries.
    • The committee in charge of publicity for the dance put up a poster written in Old English calligraphy.
    • I also got the opportunity to write some Chinese calligraphy.
    • She even made a placard written in calligraphy and in faultless rhyming couplets denouncing the union.
    • Both clerical and cursive scripts are now regarded as forms of Chinese calligraphy.
    • The scriptwork, calligraphy and artwork are nothing short of magical and there is a further treat for bookish types as you get to wander through the barrel vaulted Long Room Library as well.
    • Significantly, this confession of faith is written in the Gujarati script, rather than in Arabic calligraphy.