Translation of calling card in Spanish:

calling card

tarjeta de visita, n.


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    tarjeta de visita feminine
    • Sometimes I'll carry around calling cards and casually hand them to people I want to spend more time with.
    • I don't have time to talk right now but I'll leave my calling card.
    • On arrival, each dater will be given calling cards, a badge and a mission to hand out as many cards as possible to those they fancy, and hopefully they'll get some cards back.
    • Annie gave Irene a copy of their itinerary with a stapled calling card on the leftmost top of the paper.
    • Thinking about cards, I do think it would be really helpful to have a picture on your calling card.
    • With modern technology, via computers, making calling cards would be a simple accomplishment in most treatment programs, but it could have far-reaching future effects for clients.
    • Inside rested one of Sir Miley's calling cards.
    • Information on the calling cards for clients is designed as a means to identify some positive aspects of the recovering women.
    • Viewers on either side of the world now share knowledge of these soft white papers, delicately wrapped parcels and small metal plates, the same shape as calling cards and full of curious codes.
    • Hundreds of photographers specialize in ‘head shots’ - publicity stills that actors give away as casually as calling cards.
    • While I was at the hospital the other day I saw an advert for a range of calling cards bearing sarcastic messages which can be placed under the windscreen wipers of offending vehicles.
    • A leaflet drop targeting wanted suspects caused 14 people to turn themselves in after officers left calling cards on their doorsteps.
    • Do you think calling cards and guest books should be resurrected?
    • His calling card introduces this top-hatted Dickensian figure as Jerry Sadowitz, Comedy, Magic, Filth.
    • Few of them can expect a calling card from him in their letter box in the new year.
    • It was certainly an evening of lively inter-change, for even I departed with some 20 calling cards, phone numbers and appointments in my pocket.
    • Over the weekend we'll print off a batch of business cards for Graham and calling cards for me and recoup the cost of the entire printer in one smooth operation.
    • For years I've ignored ‘professional’ business cards in favor of cards like this that work more as calling cards.
    • My friends noticed and liked my calling cards and began to ask me to design and make cards for them.