Translation of calm in Spanish:


en calma, adj.

Pronunciation /kɑ(l)m/ /kɑːm/

adjective calmer, calmest

  • 1

    (sea) en calma
    (sea) tranquilo
    (sea) calmo Latin America
    (day) sin viento
    the storm died down and it became calm cesó la tormenta y volvió la calma
    • Even in calm seas, the waves breaking over a reef are dangerous.
    • It was really nice just to follow the cliffs and look down onto a dead calm sea with a setting sun in the west giving the whole scene a nice warm glow.
    • I'd do a brief but deep meditation - start by visualising a calm sea and synchronising your breath to the waves.
    • We sailed off into the nothingness of the flat calm sea.
    • Children waded into the calm sea, or played on the smooth, round rocks on the beach.
    • At Pendennis, I slithered from the rocks into a flat, calm sea.
    • The first week, they sailed the luxurious 44-foot Hazana east in calm seas.
    • The calm sea helped the families return almost afresh.
    • One of the two boats bobs up and down on the calm sea.
    • Over 300,000 were rescued from the beaches, and brought safely across exceptionally calm seas.
    • The fog, though, doesn't slow the vessel down, as it skims across a calm sea at breakneck speed.
    • The sea was quite calm and the short boat ride very invigorating with the breeze blowing in our faces.
    • Rogue waves that occur on relatively calm seas are usually generated by storms hundreds of miles away.
    • The two ships floated easily together upon the calm sea.
    • The ship rocked slowly as the calm sea moved beneath them.
    • The waves were passing under us and the ocean was very calm.
    • The sun was not visible, and the sky was an oyster pink, the water of the calm sea similar in shade.
    • In the second decade Patinir established a formula for the painting of calm seas, while interest in depicting stormy seas came later.
    • The light winds and calm water conditions made fishing difficult at times, but large numbers of fish were seen moving.
    • The weekend event opened Saturday to light wind and calm water, and competitors took full advantage.
    • In New Zealand lake water can be stored while wind power is available and used in calm weather.
    • Some of these failures occur during perfectly calm weather.
    • When the wind blows, it can be a fearsome proposition, yet, like all links, it is vulnerable when the weather is calm and placid.
    • They only occur in certain and very specific calm weather conditions.
    • This is why high-pressure systems tend to bring bright, sunny days with calm weather.
    • He was drowned while crossing from Chester Bay to Dublin, his ship having struck a rock and foundered in calm weather.
    • They proved adequate in calm weather, but rolled appallingly in rough seas.
    • Initially, nature seemed to provide some buffer with four days of calm weather that slowed the spread of the oil.
    • Good planning is based on dallying in Florida until a relatively calm weather pattern has established itself.
    • Cool, calm weather helped firefighters battling a fire south of Denver, but hot weather was expected yesterday afternoon.
    • In the Windhoek area, the generally calm weather of the past few days has been accompanied by clear, still nights.
    • One brilliantly calm, cool summer evening, one of the trustees decides to take us around the campus.
    • In winter the visibility can be excellent after calm spells of weather.
    • Despite the area's nickname, the weather looks rather calm.
    • During calm summer evenings, air next to the ground surface will be cooled and drift down-slope.
    • I felt the warmth of the Arctic sun on a calm summer's day, the smooth hide of a newly skinned Harp seal, and the insulating fur of the Polar bear.
    • It was a calm summer night, and a strange smell was coming from the graveyard.
    • We had the good fortune to travel through this area on our last visit on a calm day and the mountains were clearly reflected in the lake - a most impressive sight.
    • It's been a calm day so far, but now the wind kicks up.
    • It seemed like a perfect place to free your mind from all of life's troubles and just stare out at the open, calm sky that wasn't too far off.
  • 2

    (not excited)
    (person/voice) tranquilo
    (person/voice) calmado
    (person/voice) calmo Latin America
    keep calm! ¡tranquilo!
    • she remained calm throughout no perdió la calma en ningún momento
    • we'll discuss it when you feel calmer lo hablaremos cuando estés más calmado
    • Everyone knew her time was come, but they tried to keep calm faces for her sake.
    • As I see it, it is vital that you keep calm and happy so our baby will have a chance to get off to a good start in life.
    • Always behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath.
    • I wanted to ask him a favor, and to do so I had to keep calm and clearheaded.
    • Being subtle, you prefer to mask deep emotions with a calm surface.
    • The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind.
    • He wanted to be calm and strong in his expression of feeling to her.
    • It made for such an emotional and yet very calm routine.
    • We have found that, when practising yoga we feel full of energy and, at the same time, quite calm and strong.
    • When someone has said those words to you, not in anger but in a calm rational manner, they never leave you.
    • She looked just as frightened as I felt, but I chose to remain calm and emotionless.
    • Natalia stared back with a cool and calm expression to combat Jade's anger flashing in all her features.
    • You mask passion with a calm surface and casual behavior.
    • Will was calm and dispassionate in stating something that is demonstrably false.
    • Hallie's expression remained the same, dangerously calm and indifferent.
    • ‘I'm very calm and able to contain my emotion but my emotion is real,’ said Mr Procter.
    • ‘Let us not get carried away by the emotions but look at it with a calm head in the context of the figures,’ he added.
    • Dawn was as calm and expressionless as usual, but she looked at him in the eyes, nonetheless.
    • She spoke with a calm voice, not surrendering any sign of the emotional state she'd been in just moments earlier.
    • His normally calm face was worried and his eyes flickered with anger.

transitive verb

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    I had a drink to calm my nerves me tomé una copa para tranquilizarme / calmarme
    • calm yourself tranquilízate
    • After eventually calming the woman down and assuring her they mean no harm they take her to shelter in a nearby house.
    • Strangely, the song calmed people down and stopped them from running too far.
    • They helped and calmed the victims and certainly prevented the patients from deteriorating further.
    • The incident ended after several policemen calmed the crowd and dismissed them.
    • Mrs Payne also described how she calmed her husband down after discovering he had gained access to a shotgun.
    • The doctor restrained and calmed her but she attacked him again, causing security staff to come to his aid.
    • Another friend calmed Smith down and he then invited everybody back to his home.
    • They told how he calmed the people and consoled them with his unshakable belief in God.
    • Then, to her shock, Azure heard a gentle, mellow voice in her mind, calming her.
    • The tranquil voice of her aunt calmed Elizabeth and she forgot all about her troubles with Odessa and Marilee.
    • To some extent, the extra responsibility calmed him down, although he still had his moments.
    • She ignored the dark looks that were being sent in her direction and concentrated on calming the little boy down.
    • That day, any time I got scared she was holding my hand and calming me without even realizing it.
    • It calmed me so much so that I was totally unalarmed when I saw a large black spider go scuttling by along the wainscotting.
    • As crazy as it may sound at such a moment filled with terror and excitement, she calmed me.
    • Franky's touch calmed him though as he took his eyes off of Brian to pull Franky into a hug.
    • Anne's cool demeanor immediately calmed her but not her emphatic reply.
    • This greatly calmed him, and soon he was able to make Sarah just a shadow in the back of his mind.
    • They were all cussing and swearing, but Doug calmed him down by just letting him vent until he had had his say.
    • Residents at the Soteria Project were treated with a quiet, calming environment.


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    calma feminine
    a (dead) calm una calma chicha
    • There has been sunshine, hail, rain, sleet, wind and calm all within minutes of each other, but more often at the same time; a tangible oxymoron.
    • For example, if you use the helium balloon with the light wind kite it will fly in that period between light winds and flat calm.
    • Some people dozed during this eerie calm only to be awakened by rushing, howling winds when the back side of the hurricane struck.
    • As the eye of the cyclone crossed the coast at Coolangatta there was a brief calm, and air pressure dropped to 973 hPa.
    • The crew has been called out in all weathers - from absolute calm to hurricane force winds - and has saved many lives and also had to deal with tragedies.
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    (peace, tranquillity)
    calma feminine
    tranquilidad feminine
    • In some cases, the woman's fatal response occurs during a period of relative calm in the violence such as after a battering incident has already occurred.
    • After a period of relative calm, things are beginning to get hectic all over again for Allison.
    • For gamblers used to the relative calm of Las Vegas, the feeding frenzy in Macao can be a bit of a shock.
    • In the final analysis they want peace, calm, Zen and relaxation.
    • Thirty years of relative calm followed before the devastating Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
    • The dons are saying that they have restored peace to the area and calm will reign henceforth.
    • The attacks came amid a surge of border violence following months of calm.
    • Lunch passed in relative calm, for Charlie tried hard to do nothing that would upset her father in such a way that would send him off to the bedroom for another rest.
    • With the political deadlock, relative calm returned.
    • By May 1918, Finland had been restored to relative calm.
    • Forecasters warn, however, that this year's relative calm is no reason for coastal residents to drop their guard.
    • Eventually, relative calm is restored and negotiations resume.
    • Moments of relative calm often pre-empt more abrupt and ferocious constructions.
    • Several months of relative calm ensued, to the relief of the exhausted French.
    • The relative calm in the camps means the process of healing can begin.
    • The relative calm in the region was an irony not lost on some newspaper commentators.
    • Those measures led to a decade of relative calm and considerable socio-economic development.
    • This we were able to do in an atmosphere of calm and peace.
    • Talks to stabilize a shaky truce have led to relative calm interspersed with intense bouts of fighting and air strikes.
    • I took advantage of the relative calm and went to find the telephone.