Translation of calorific in Spanish:


calorífico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkæləˈrɪfɪk/ /kaləˈrɪfɪk/


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    • In official quarters, there is also a refusal to admit that society's obsession with the safety, calorific content, amount or quality of the food that we eat is more unhealthy than any number of fad diets or burger bars.
    • Leaving aside the high calorific content, this type of food is actively bad for you and will deplete your immune system.
    • At the very least, consumers have to be told the calorific and fat content, maybe even the saturated fat.
    • He seldom touches food with a high calorific content, like beef.
    • Moreover, many of those who have good access to sufficient food for their calorific needs nonetheless suffer from nutrition insecurity.
    • His daily calorific intake may reach a whopping 7,000 calories.
    • With all these measures and the consumption of horses, dogs, cats, and rats, each working man got about a tenth of the normal calorific intake.
    • Here, calorific intake, as well as how much oxygen a child breathes and how much carbon dioxide is exhaled, can be precisely recorded.
    • Last week, science was busy counting the calorific intake of Homer Simpson, concluding his addiction to doughnuts places his fat intake on the high side.
    • Some labels will carry information on the right calorific intake for an ‘average’ person, but that is not helpful for the many non-average consumers.
    • I am sure if I had his kind of metabolism I would be able to enjoy such a calorific dinner, but as I don't I am happy to stick to smaller, safer, appetizers instead.
    • The traditional Okinawan diet, he said, is high in green and yellow vegetables, as well as tofu in various forms, but low in calorific density.
    • Two party patrons swooning over the calorific Oreos were Patty Godfrey and Lyn Stewart.
    • Currently on his world tour, he has been bombarding the Evening Press with emails detailing his daily calorific intake.
    • I have been resupplying the boat with food which is an interesting task as you have to keep it simple, light, calorific and easy to cook.
    • It is an orgy of calorific excess.
    • The average daily calorific intake of the Bushmen women seems to be about 1100 calories.
    • In fact, the calorific difference between a glass of red and white wine is marginal, but the potential health benefits to your heart of a soft, lushly fruited Syrah like this tips the balance towards the red.
    • She and her other two cast mates are left to dig into the naughty, calorific buffet.
    • A diet rich in fat is therefore concentrated and calorific, and tends to lead to obesity.