Translation of calumniate in Spanish:


calumniar, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈləmniˌeɪt/ /kəˈlʌmnɪeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • I agree that he has been calumniated in some ways.
    • But he was unorthodox, and as soon as the grave closed over him, he was grossly calumniated.
    • At first, I couldn't bring myself to believe the veracity of the news item until I concluded that the reporter could not have been so debased as to fabricate the news to calumniate college students for no apparent reason.
    • One of his officers makes a slide that calumniates cadets who do not select combat arms branches.
    • You know, I don't have problems with disgracing him in front of the boss or calumniate him or anything like that if there's need for it.
    • Why, does he know you so calumniate him?
    • He was hated and calumniated.
    • Before any of Mrs. Cryer's adherents is tempted to calumniate, I am not a hunting man although I am a countryman and do shoot clay pigeons.