Translation of Cambodian in Spanish:


camboyano, adj.

Pronunciation /kæmˈboʊdiən/ /kamˈbəʊdɪən/


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    camboyano masculine
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    camboyano masculine
    camboyana feminine
    • In addition, Cambodians have borrowed words from Thai, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
    • Police arrested 24 Cambodians and Burmese, twenty males and four females.
    • The Thais, like the Cambodians after them, failed to respond with much enthusiasm to the new faith and the clergy eventually had to admit defeat.
    • Demand for Thai products among Cambodians is as high as 70 percent.
    • It also temporarily barred Cambodians and Thais from crossing at border checkpoints.
    • The country has offered political asylum to peoples such as Cambodians and Czechs.
    • From the 1400s on, the Cambodians lost territory to both the Siamese and the Vietnamese.
    • I wrote it in English and French to put on the internet, mainly for overseas Cambodians.
    • These tribespeople are not ethnic Khmer, as are the vast majority of Cambodians.
    • These variables were not significant for the Cambodians.
    • When the group of Cambodians pointed out the room where the two men were staying, immigration police burst in and found the two men engaged in using methamphetamines.
    • The Cambodians were in many ways the most tragic of all the victims of the hideous transition of Southeast Asia's states from colonial status to independence.
    • Dr Murray Carmichael will receive a hero's welcome when he arrives tomorrow in Phnom Penh, where as a medic in his early 30s he once battled to save the lives of Cambodians.
    • According to the local tour guide, there are about several hundred thousand Cambodians working in several hundred garment factories in Phnom Penh.
    • There will be three Cambodians in the five-member trial court.
    • He is little known among Cambodians as he has spent most of his life overseas and has never engaged in politics, unlike several other Cambodian princes.
    • Fish are tremendously important in Cambodia, accounting for up to 80 percent of Cambodians ' protein intake.
    • At least half a million Cambodians participated in a religious ceremony Thursday to relocate a Buddhist relic from Phnom Penh to a nearby mountain.
    • Hence the Cambodians were hastily moved to remote Port Hedland, with overflow facilities at the even more remote Curtin airbase near Derby.
    • Most of the slender but fierce-looking Cambodians sport tattoos depicting strong animals such as eagles, tigers or angry dragons.