Translation of Camembert in Spanish:


camembert, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæməmˌbɛr/ /ˈkaməmbɛː/


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    camembert masculine
    • Avoid soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, Roquefort and Mexican-style, unless they are labeled as made with pasteurized milk
    • Soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, and Mexican queso fresco may have bacteria that can cause infections.
    • If you can't resist cheese, opt for soft, rinded varieties like Brie or Camembert.
    • Neufchâtel is made by a variant of the usual French soft cheese process used for Camembert and similar varieties.
    • My parents declined starters, but I went for an old favourite, deep fried Camembert and Brie with cranberry sauce - two crispy triangles of melted cheese in breadcrumbs, which were tasty.
    • At the beginning of its ripening, Camembert is crumbly and soft and gets creamier over time.
    • Coulommiers has the same barnyard-like smell that is delectably appetizing in Camembert and indicative of a truly ripe Brie, but is a bit more pungent.
    • A good Brie or Camembert with a hunk of fresh bread makes a fine lunch.
    • The best dessert, from the truffle perspective, is a little wedge of Camembert served over a layer of oiled black truffles.
    • There are ideas for a lazy Sunday brunch, like bruschetta with ratatouille and Camembert, a great layered fajita for picnics, and lots of polenta ideas.
    • Gone is Brie and Camembert and that lovely, inexpensive Beaujolais which goes so well with chicken.
    • Sometimes the cheese slightly liquifies upon the tongue coating it with its flavors, be it the sharpness of a blue cheese, or the tangy-creaminess of a good Camembert cheese.
    • A selection of fine cheeses, including Boursin with herb and garlic, Camembert and Louraine was appreciated by everyone.
    • ‘The next time you enjoy some Camembert cheese, please give a thought to me,’ she said.
    • This was followed by bay scallops wrapped in phyllo with Camembert, which were fabulously rich, and presented on a small rectangular plate.
    • Now it has a Caribbean flavour, with jerk chicken and saltfish ousting the baguettes and Camembert.
    • For 24 hours solid I stared at that Camembert; I even sprinkled pepper on it in desperation.
    • I started my feast with a half-disc of Camembert that was breaded and fried, served with a side of cranberry sauce.
    • The only thing left I have to try is my juicy hunk of Camembert.
    • The award was a small wheel of Camembert on a ribbon the Dalmatian proudly wore around his neck the rest of the evening.