Translation of camera in Spanish:


cámara (fotográfica), n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæm(ə)rə/ /ˈkam(ə)rə/

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    cámara (fotográfica) feminine
    máquina fotográfica feminine
    máquina de fotos feminine
    • The cameras will record digital images used to help police pursue action against criminals.
    • The man holding the video camera turned the camera on and brought the eyepiece up to his eye.
    • Fighting broke out as security men tried to stop angry guests using cameras and video recorders.
    • The cameras would record images in colour during the day and black and white at night.
    • Here in Bedford you can't even go with a camera or video recorder to the local swimming pool.
    • From time to time I get a few queries about my photographs, my camera and techniques.
    • Filmed with four cameras, the result will then be displayed on four television screens.
    • We ascend, our cameras out of film and our slates covered in a jumble of barely decipherable notes.
    • There, images from two cameras fighting over the same frequency are grainy and dark.
    • To his left, a film crew holding cameras and lights were filming the entire episode.
    • After burning up a roll of film Prudence lowered the camera and took the film out to replace it.
    • I might have left the camera behind but the image of this wreck was imprinted on my mind.
    • When I reached him he searched me and told me to take the film out of my camera and give it to him.
    • I quickly resigned myself to the fact that the film in my cameras was going to be lost.
    • Among the hours of images caught by the cameras at King's Cross, one sequence stood out.
    • Film from CCTV cameras in the club has been taken away as part of the police inquiry.
    • The cameras work using two video monitors in the patrol vans which are linked to a recorder.
    • Staff at the centre can use it to download images from traffic cameras around the county.
    • Monday I leave for Boston with a car full of cameras and film of various shapes and sizes.
    • During the film, the camera lingers on one wall in the bar now owned by Monty's father.
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    Cinema Television
    cámara feminine
    → see also in camera
    the camera crew los camarógrafos