Translation of camera-shy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkæm(ə)rəʃaɪ/


  • 1

    he's camera-shy se cohíbe frente a una cámara
    • He has gained behind-the-scenes access to Howard, who has, previously, been notably camera-shy.
    • I was also very fond of visiting the villages around Mysore, where the people were camera-shy.
    • Sam's boyfriend also attended the event and the normally camera-shy couple looked very much in love.
    • In other respects, he is famously reticent, adverse to showmanship and actually something of a camera-shy recluse.
    • No one knows why Lewis, who has been photographed on numerous occasions from that particular spot, on the tennis court suddenly became camera-shy.
    • Just as we got escorted off the grounds by the channel's guards, out strolled the usually camera-shy singer flashing his new smile.
    • A large contingent of journalists eager to get their first look at Max the gorilla's younger—and leaner—successor, greedily snapped photos of the camera-shy gorilla.
    • For an outgoing person, she was camera-shy and preferred to stay out of the media where possible.
    • The miles of film footage, events, and press coverage of the Beatles, from early days to last, show four young men who were in no way camera-shy.
    • Mrs Junior, while a bit camera-shy, has begun to show real promise as a political wife.
    • Colin's not usually camera-shy but he ducked and dodged our snappers every time he stood outside for a smoke until we finally caught him leaving by the side entrance.
    • From a 'camera-shy' young woman, she has soared like an eagle with fresh confidence and bounding enthusiasm.
    • An insider describes him as "incredibly camera-shy and publicity-averse."
    • Never known for being camera shy in the past, he was conspicuously absent from the world's television screens.
    • Five years of fugitive living has made me a little camera-shy, so I'm wearing my best wig and dark glasses for the occasion.
    • Why is he suddenly so camera-shy that CBS News must protect his identity and treat him as an anonymous source?
    • You know, I'm really, incredibly camera shy, which is why you've only seen about two pictures of me in three years.
    • Normally camera-shy, in this particular case there's enough distance between now and then for me to hope that I would be able to see myself sixteen years ago at the tender age of twenty, when my life was so different.
    • I tried to get some shots of him but he was in one of his camera-shy moods.
    • Pauline and David were great picture takers, invite them to a gathering and they were sure to bring their camera, much to the chagrin of the camera-shy.
    • I know you're camera-shy, but it's the only photograph I have of this procedure—so you're drafted.