Translation of camera phone in Spanish:

camera phone

teléfono celular cámara, n.


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    teléfono celular cámara masculine Latin America
    celular cámara feminine Latin America
    teléfono móvil cámara masculine Spain
    móvil cámara masculine Spain
    • Wait till you see what people captured with their own camera phones.
    • I saw countless people taking pictures with camera phones.
    • She was surrounded by a group of awestruck teenagers all snapping away on their camera phones.
    • Here is a pic of me taken with my company-provided camera phone yesterday.
    • A client at Aldgate has just emailed me a thoroughly depressing picture they took on Thursday morning on their camera phone.
    • A nineteen year-old has been given a six month custodial sentence for using his camera phone to take pictures in court.
    • Even the phone manufacturers have a strict policy towards the use of camera phones on their premises.
    • Every young person there had their camera phone, taking pictures.
    • An optional Bluetooth adaptor is ideal for camera phones, too.
    • I knew I got a camera phone for a reason.
    • Honda has imposed a blanket ban on camera phones in a bid to stop industrial espionage.
    • Some clubs have policies banning camera phones or even cell phones from the gym facilities.
    • The habit of banning camera phones simply follows the banning of ordinary cameras in many places.
    • The camera phone has turned everyone into a potential paparazzo.
    • At least two other teenagers filmed the cruelty on camera phones.
    • The news media were not the only ones to capitalize on these camera phones.
    • One major success for the firm has been sales of camera phones.
    • The guy that sat next to me used his camera phone to take approximately 73 pictures of himself in his seat.
    • The advent of the camera phone will see to that.
    • At the same time, camera phones outsold digital still cameras by almost four to one.