Translation of camerawork in Spanish:


fotografía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæm(ə)rəˌwərk/ /ˈkamrəwəːk/


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    fotografía feminine
    • But whilst wild pop videos often have completely hyperactive camerawork, films normally don't.
    • Touch of Evil is a fascinating film noir, rich in its cast, camerawork and sound - all orchestrated by Orson Welles.
    • There is some interesting camerawork in this film.
    • The use of voiceover and hand-held camerawork gives the film a documentary feel and imparts a sense of gravity.
    • The camerawork gives the film an immediacy that is rare in movies these days.
    • Scenes and camerawork are beautifully choreographed and immerse the viewer in the film's world.
    • Costanzo's documentary style camerawork lends an air of reality to this claustrophobic thriller, based on actual events.
    • The camerawork is artistically gritty, capturing surprisingly haunting images.
    • The style of camerawork and direction is very appealing and fits the tone of the film quite expertly.
    • There's also a chase scene in a swamp, towards the end of the film, that is a minor masterpiece of sound, camerawork, and atmosphere.
    • That film is taut and moving, with impressive camerawork and gritty performances that reach a 2005 audience.
    • In these three, it seems that your camerawork becomes increasingly mobile with each successive film.
    • If you enjoy cinematic trickery and innovative camerawork, there is a lot to like here.
    • It showcases how the writing, directing, editing and camerawork blended perfectly.
    • Did the small budgets inspire you to become more creative in the setting up of scenes, camerawork, special effects, etc.?
    • His unobtrusive camerawork emphasizes the actor's complex use of physical gesture to bring the character into being.
    • Along with the star cast comes technical wizardry: clean, elegant camerawork and editing set a very rhythmic jazzy background score.
    • It is the camerawork in this film, however, that is granted the smartest trickery, gets the best laughs, and the cleverest lines.
    • Overall, it's the synergy of camerawork, editing and actor-led characters that make One For The Road so good.
    • Riedelsheimer's camerawork and editing is supremely confident and richly perfect.