Translation of camouflage in Spanish:


camuflaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæməˌflɑ(d)ʒ/ /ˈkaməflɑːʒ/

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Military Zoology
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    camuflaje masculine
    • One of the most widespread and varied adaptations is natural camouflage, an animal's ability to hide itself from predator and prey.
    • Thus plumage soiling not only provides instant camouflage but, unlike molting, is easily reversible.
    • In its natural environment its mottled colouring provides camouflage.
    • It tends to be seen sitting on barnacle-covered rocks, in only a few feet of water, where its mottled pale brown and green colouring provides excellent camouflage.
    • These, in addition to its natural camouflage, discourage other organisms from feeding on it.
    • There was weak support for spots in adults and stripes in young providing camouflage and for dark leg markings being a form of disruptive coloration.
    • The patterned coats of sleeping wild dogs are easily mistaken for dead logs, elephant dung and fallen mopane leaves, providing them with perfect camouflage in their favourite habitat.
    • It is possible that under certain light conditions they provide camouflage.
    • Bitterns are virtually invisible as their plumage provides perfect camouflage.
    • This may have served the purpose of camouflage, making the animal more inconspicuous.
    • Big animals don't need camouflage, because they're big - they're dangerous.
    • Participants will also find out how animals use camouflage.
    • Among some ground-nesting waterbirds, such as gulls and plovers, research has shown that speckling aids egg camouflage.
    • In nature, most markings on herd animals are intended as camouflage to protect them from being seen by predators.
    • The countershading of bat rays, a form of camouflage, protects them from predators above and below.
    • Natural camouflage is one of nature's most interesting traits.
    • The natural camouflage often found on the bodies of snakes is shown through the use of painted diamonds and triangles that appear throughout the length of the body.
    • The trevally uses camouflage for added protection from predators.
    • The effectiveness of the female's spring camouflage is as uncanny as that of her white plumage in winter.
    • This coloration, typical of many marine mammals, provides camouflage.
    • Two giants appeared from a nearby army barracks in camouflage and studded helmets.
    • There are too many hunters with guns wearing camouflage and Red Sox hats.
    • Woolrich offers both camouflage and traditional hunting clothing for turkey hunters.
    • The Greek soldiers clunk around set with combat boots, camouflage, and sub-machine guns.
    • Call me an ignorant Trinidadian, but I never knew it was against the law to wear or own any camouflage or camouflage-resembling clothing in this country.
    • The soldiers were in camouflage, with baseball caps and black backpacks, and were armed with rifles.
    • With his khaki camouflage and ID card pinned to his trousers he was indistinguishable, without closer inspection, from any soldier in the complex.
    • The U.S. soldiers, dressed in Kevlar vests and desert tan camouflage, were drenched with sweat.
    • Tony swapped his suit for camouflage when he tackled a gruelling Army challenge.
    • I took note of their dark camouflage and shiny boots.
    • Beyond choosing their clothing and helmet, they can also pick their camouflage.
    • Still, it thrills me that friends of mine are there as we speak, slogging around in the bayous, waiting, listening silently behind veils of camouflage.
    • ‘I am helping you,’ a man dressed in camouflage told a crying girl.
    • Following her was a man, also dressed in desert camouflage.
    • Dressed in camouflage, gripping his .357 caliber Magnum, Demar was primed to shoot.
    • She was dressed in green camouflage and waving a banner that Ford couldn't read, since it was backwards.
    • I realize that I'm not the most trendy person around but what is up with dressing children in camouflage?
    • He dressed in green camouflage which did the job at the time.
    • I squint up at the buff man dressed completely in camouflage and raise an eyebrow.
    • As a reporter, Adie was often dressed in camouflage, wrestling with the practical problems of being a woman in the world of war.
    • By 1918, the use of military camouflage was axiomatic, and in 1939 war artists were again mobilized to advise on concealment.
    • New ideas are often slow to catch on in the military, and digital camouflage was one of them.
    • Jackson had since met a woman from his wilderness group and they tied the knot in camouflage military fatigues.
    • It could even replace the traditional green-and-brown camouflage splotches used on military equipment since the First World War.
    • The need to fire 360 degrees may also limit the use of camouflage nets.
    • Adding a sense of combat reality to the classroom are sandbags, camouflage netting, and the sounds of exploding ordnance and close air support.
    • It managed a multitude of critical supply requirements, including desert camouflage uniforms and body armor for deploying soldiers.
    • Imagine the military applications of dynamic camouflage clothing.
    • A smaller man, also wearing the military camouflage stood up from his chair.
    • Ubiquitous technologies for encryption, passive measures like camouflage, and low-tech countermeasures will see to that.
    • At each test site the observers were asked to select the one camouflage uniform that blended best with the surrounding urban background.
    • The use of modern combat hardware and equipment sets higher standards for camouflage, concealment, and deception.
    • He was wearing military style fatigues including camouflage trousers tucked into brown boots.
    • By relying on camouflage, the military resort to the same artifice that enables many prey animals to enhance their chances of survival by minimizing detectability.
    • It's a house covered in camouflage netting so people can't see what you're doing inside.
    • These special camouflage nets were very specialised pieces of equipment.
    • It was also effective in stripping camouflage from concealed bunkers.
    • Other camouflage accessories include camo tape and other items that will help hide a shotgun.
    • The camouflage Humvees were on every corner topped by national guardsmen.
    • Groups in other schools made camouflage nets, raised funds through the Red Cross and knitted for the men in the Forces.

transitive verb

Military Zoology
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    camuflajear Latin America
    • Carle's trademark artwork is enhanced by acetate overlays behind which the fish are camouflaged in an effect that is very beautiful.
    • Any small triplefin that ventured too close to these camouflaged predators met a quick end in their cavernous mouths.
    • The nymphs are not as brightly colored as the adults, but are well camouflaged predators who ambush their prey.
    • Coloration varies, but is normally a brownish mud-color that camouflages these fish in their natural habitats.
    • That one is much heavier and is doing the worse job at camouflaging its presence.
    • Her nakedness, though, is well camouflaged by a veil of long curly hair falling on her shoulders.
    • He continued to grumble as he covered the boat, camouflaging it.
    • Even if the floor covering camouflages the stain, damage still is being done.
    • The students were also able to see how different marine animals defend themselves against predators through camouflaging themselves with their environment.
    • Late in the afternoon, just as Barbara finishes camouflaging her last trap, we hear the yowl of another snowmobile ascending the valley.
    • But this was a semantic masterpiece in camouflaging his own feelings.
    • Throwing sand over the eggs and camouflaging the nest takes up another hour.
    • The key to camouflaging your bra is to wear one that's a similar shade to your skin tone.
    • This camouflages the fact that you don't know which end of the stick is sharp.
    • During the Second World War the Lamb factory made components for war planes, and was camouflaged against enemy air attack.
    • I also had a tiny smudge, rather than a bruise, on the left of my forehead, which was easily camouflaged by make-up and a fringe.
    • The Ghost crabs are named for their translucent bodies, and they are well camouflaged against the sand.
    • I spent a half hour staring at a lizard that had camouflaged itself on some bark.
    • He is currently trying to discover if rumours that the Eli Lilly factory was camouflaged during World War Two are true.
    • This also defeats the purpose of camouflaging your technology.