Translation of camp follower in Spanish:

camp follower

simpatizante, n.


  • 1

    simpatizante masculine, feminine
    • The mass goes well, and our camp followers inform us that we sounded well in the cathedral.
    • One of the Scotland team's camp followers, in between filing reports on Scotland's opening match against Japan, managed to find time to enjoy the debilitating night life.
    • The initial reaction from governing elites and their media camp followers was disbelief.
    • Yet the reality is that the minister's enthusiastic support is narrowing to a coterie of his camp followers.
    • Exactly eight months ago, with Europe finally beginning to use its new currency, many of the Blairite camp followers were confident that Britain would soon follow suit.
    • Now that global corporations are shifting to a more sympathetic line, one awaits a similar revisionism among their media camp followers.
    • And of course Guevara has been a revolutionary poster boy forever and Cuba's potent combination of sunshine and socialism has always had its camp followers.
    • His camp followers maintain that the Chancellor now wants to see the Prime Minister lay out his exit strategy - to him, if not the country at large.
    • Joseph doesn't emphasise sufficiently that Balanchine was always his own man, with a range of professional activities that never made him a mere camp follower of the great composer.
    • But by 1914 he was working for a compromise, unlike Lord Milner and his fervent camp followers who really seemed ready to plunge Britain into a civil war.
    • They trekked to primary states, not as camp followers of a particular political candidate, but seeking to use the electoral process as a means to bring an end to the war.
    • Racing only against herself, she wins every time, and has become a gentler, somewhat less outré Tallulah for our time, complete with giggly camp followers.
    • He's a camp follower of every anti-American crusade around.
    • To thousands of camp followers - the notorious Deadheads - they were a way of life, a modern American vision quest that stretched the length and breadth of the land.
    • Unlike other youth leaders who goad their camp followers to the street demanding more jobs, he says there should be a concerted effort to generate more job opportunities.
    • And didn't the other two members of the faction - and all their camp followers - laugh and laugh and laugh at the silly Senator.
    • Another MP suggested that the prime minister was working up an expectation for an early election among his camp followers.
  • 2

    prostituta feminine
    • Each camp had chaplains, cooks, camp followers, singers, and verse writers.
    • Since most armies lived off the land, and this often limited the size of the army, the force that hauled along the fewest camp followers had a substantial military advantage.
    • As the theatre of war moved south, so did the smallpox, primarily affecting civilians, camp followers, and irregular troops in both armies.
    • But until armies expanded the services they provided to encompass most of their soldiers' needs, camp followers were an integral part of warfare.
    • It may have been carried from India in the fourth century BC by returning soldiers and camp followers of the Greek wars of conquest in Asia.
    • Accompanying the major scenes are small vignettes, seen at close quarters, showing how these great events affected English rustics in Wessex, private soldiers, camp followers, and other ordinary people.
    • Berkin writes about the poorer women who threw in their lot with the soldiers, becoming camp followers, a longstanding tradition with the British army.
    • The Roman army on campaign attracted camp followers, and the later physical expression of this is the civil settlement.
    • Out of 4,000 soldiers and 12,000 camp followers only a handful survived.
    • As camp followers could hinder as well as help the military, they had to be controlled.
    • Of course, the occupying army, like every army, will attract camp followers; these are the scavengers of war, profiteering at the margins.
    • Nacy rejects the characterization of army officers' wives as either camp followers or women who differed little from other frontier women.
    • It is true that, from time immemorial, armies have always been attended by camp followers.
    • Our military has 1.4 million people, with a huge apparatus of camp followers, dependents, and civilians spread all over the world from Iceland to Japan.
    • Many women served in the Revolutionary War as camp followers.
    • They figured I'm a camp follower, I guess, or a soldier's wife.
    • When she headed the nursing units during the Crimean War, her nurses wore dark gray, full-length dresses covered by white aprons to distinguish them from other female camp followers.
    • His mother, reputedly a sorceress, became a camp follower of the British colonial regiment.
    • These troops, together with a large contingent of support personnel, family members, and camp followers, marched to Fort Leavenworth.
    • Women who followed armies, whether wives of not, were called camp followers.