Translation of campfire in Spanish:


fogata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæmpˌfaɪ(ə)r/ /ˈkampfʌɪə/


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    fogata feminine
    hoguera feminine
    fogón masculine Latin America
    • It was a nice camp out in the woods, with canoes, campfires and songs.
    • One camp I know eliminated its weekly campfires because too many campers complained that they were boring.
    • A few lights from campfires at the canyon campground flickered in the distance.
    • He pointed to a little campground with a designated campfire place and some benches.
    • While we're on a musical note, the campfire song Kumbaya is said to be Angolan.
    • Our guides will share their stories, and they'll teach us songs and social dances at our nightly campfires.
    • I could tell you how wonderful it was to sit around a campfire and sing all those old songs.
    • There were, to be sure, evening campfires with stories told in the camaraderie of the moment, and feasts and merriment when the travellers returned to the post after a year in the wilderness.
    • Around campfires that blazed in the bright sunshine old friends caught up on the events since last October's fair and discussed their plans for the next six months.
    • Erica glanced up at Dan whose face was illuminated by the flames of campfires.
    • The three set off on a road trip that consisted of tequila shots, flirting and ghost stories around the campfire.
    • He saw her stirring the embers of the dying campfire and tiptoed stealthily up behind her.
    • He was quiet as he sat at the campfire those nights, staring fixedly at the flames.
    • For thousands of years, people have been huddled around the campfire, telling stories.
    • Prosecutors say she told them that while she was on patrol enforcing a ban on campfires, she went to a campfire site, burned a letter from her estranged husband and lost control of the fire.
    • From arranging holiday wreaths and making bird biscuits to building campfires, all of these activities make for good old-fashioned fun.
    • During the night, many times at camp, there would be several campfires and the Texans would surround it, talking, and joking of their lives back home.
    • However, at many public parks and forests, campfires are permitted only in established fire rings cleared of all flammable materials.
    • Take extra care when having campfires / barbecues in the countryside, as fire spreads very rapidly over open ground.
    • As the rest of the party sat down near the campfire, Jonathan started moving away.