Translation of can't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kænt/ /kɑːnt/

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    • It just blew me away and I can't be grateful enough to my brother who bought it for me.
    • If you can't pop along to see it, you can check it out from the comfort of your own home with the web cam.
    • I do wonder why people can't just accept that we all want to worship God in our own ways?
    • He seems to have had so much Botox injected that he can't move his top lip at all or his forehead.
    • Scratch my head as I may, I can't come up with a poem that does it in a way that suits my mood.
    • You know you have those days when you just can't get rid of a particular song from your head?
    • The bottom line of what is being said here is still why can't women be more like men?
    • Norris is only four months old and he can't fly very far because he gets easily tired.
    • There comes a point where you can't work any harder and you have to look at other things.
    • At the end of the day, we can't force them to open it, but we can stop them doing this.
    • Donna has been ill through all this and Emily can't work as she has to look after her.
    • It is also a problem for plumbing students who can't find firms ready to take them on.
    • If savings must be made why can't they start at the top instead of the bottom every time?
    • She needs a fence as she has been burgled twice and her children can't play out there.
    • Police say it is a vicious circle, if we arrest and fine them they can't pay the fines.
    • We can't just come off stage and go to our hotel rooms and be quiet, that's just not us.
    • It is good for kids to know that they can't always win in sport, in games and in life.
    • I can't do any more to save the company money and rid the area of the blot on the landscape.
    • We feel that we can't ban all headwear as some people wear them as part of their culture.
    • The first law of tax relief is that you can't get the relief if you don't pay the tax.