Translation of Canadian football in Spanish:

Canadian football

fútbol canadiense, n.


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    fútbol canadiense masculine
    futbol canadiense masculine Mexico
    • When he came to town, we talked for almost two hours about American football and how Canadian football was better.
    • We'd just experienced the razzmatazz of Canadian football and third division football on cold, wet Saturday afternoons provided a stark contrast.
    • The only other sport even roughly similar to this is American and Canadian football as played in North America.
    • Give it a couple of years and I think Canadian football will be in much better shape.
    • At a national level it has hosted a range of events and is home to baseball's Trappers, Canadian football's Eskimos and ice hockey's Oilers.
    • He has also choreographed the half-time entertainment at Canadian football games.
    • The rule is only applicable in Canadian football games.
    • Lord Grey presented the Grey Cup for Canadian football and Lord Minto the Minto Cup for lacrosse.
    • It also has the homes of the Expos baseball team and the Alouettes Canadian football team, and soon will have the Canadiens.
    • Well, the same cannot be said about the management of these two Canadian football clubs.
    • In order to gain a grassroots appreciation of the Canadian football scene I have interviewed self-proclaimed football yokel Joe Klyne, who has played football since he was old enough to multiply by seven.
    • In 1896 the size of the Canadian football field was set at 110 yards by 65 yards, it was also the year that the first rulebook was published by the CRU.