Translation of canasta in Spanish:


canasta, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈnæstə/ /kəˈnastə/


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    canasta feminine
    • This game, formerly known as Canasta Five, is a variation of canasta played with three 52 card packs plus jokers, which has achieved great success in Australia and New Zealand.
    • In samba wild cards are not so important as in canasta.
    • At the time, we grandkids thought this was some kind of peculiar old-person habit, like playing canasta and reading Reader's Digest.
    • Many women their age are playing canasta or bingo.
    • Once ensconced as a fully-fledged academic, he narrowed his field of hobbies to include amateur beatification and canasta.
    • The trip meant enjoying a fine meal in the dining car, or perhaps a game of canasta (for the gentlemen in their suits) in the club car.
    • I did not hang around with gangs, did not do drugs and for the previous twelve months I shared a small flat with my grandmum and played countless games of canasta.
    • It beats playing canasta, and you never know what you will see.
    • My grandmother spent her hours playing dominoes and canasta and gossiping.
    • She played canasta obsessively and seemed to have endless folding tables.
    • He also reads music, plays canasta, and can operate a manual transmission car if the seat is pulled up all the way.