Translation of candela in Spanish:


candela, n.

Pronunciation /kænˈdilə/ /kænˈdɛlə/ /kanˈdɛlə/ /kanˈdiːlə/ /ˈkandɪlə/

nounplural candelas

  • 1

    candela feminine
    • SI (Système Internationale d' Unites) uses seven different fundamental units, the meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, and mole.
    • We have a 15-inch demo and a 50-inch demo, and have achieved 600 candelas per square meter generating 1 millimetre sized pixels.
    • According to the spec sheet, the FP231W is supposed to deliver about 250 candelas / square-meter of brightness.
    • Nits are also a measure of luminance, in so many candela per square metre.
    • These types of detectors should be calibrated in lumens/amps, which allows easy calculation of candela values.