Translation of candidate in Spanish:


candidato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkændɪˌdeɪt/ /ˈkændɪdət/ /ˈkandɪdeɪt/ /ˈkandɪdət/

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  • 1

    (for job, election, exam)
    candidato masculine
    candidata feminine
    the Republican candidate for Governor el candidato republicano a gobernador
    • He was an unsuccessful candidate in the general election and he came knocking at my door for my vote.
    • I suppose that it was also a good year for many independent candidates in the general election.
    • It is a chance for general election candidates to make a practical difference.
    • He said the trust interviews all prospective candidates who apply to live at the almshouses.
    • The dual system, in which some candidates apply and others are nominated, was singled out as unacceptable.
    • This is the first time ever in any election where the candidate I vote for will actually win.
    • Bees United are now seeking nominations from members who wish to stand as candidates in this election.
    • Chen took candidates for the legislative elections to the temple to pray for success.
    • This is not the first time the freelance writer has run as a candidate in the legislative election.
    • I am the only candidate in the recall election who is telling the truth to the working people.
    • At the last election the Labour candidate took over 60 percent of the vote.
    • He lost the election in the end to the candidate jointly nominated by the opposition parties.
    • Training workshops will be held to brief potential local election candidates.
    • Women have the exact same opportunities as men to become election candidates.
    • This promises to be an enjoyable night with a number of local election candidates in attendance.
    • Even candidates who win an election unopposed must have the minimum number of nominations.
    • In fact, the number of candidates for election to the board exceeded the number of posts to be filled.
    • The job will be offered to one of the 16 unsuccessful candidates who applied for the job last year.
    • All candidates standing for election have to declare their knowledge of the rules.
    • The left needs to meet the challenge of right wing candidates in union elections next year.
    • It also claims this will also permit it to return copies of marked scripts to schools and candidates.
    • The writer is a doctoral candidate in Teacher Development at the University of Toronto.
    • Examiners and candidates have to manage these hybrid discourses within their conversation.
    • They are being paid to turn students into exam candidates, aren't they?
    • This challenge could keep an army of doctoral candidates busy for a long time.
    • These specifications must be the same for candidates from within the school as external candidates.
    • I saw my name on the list of candidates who had satisfied the examiners in the final examinations.
    • Each candidate was assessed by seven examiners, each rating a different consultation on the tape.
    • He would scribble in the margins of the examination papers to tell the candidate what he had done and why.
    • Our first step was a visit to a company that grooms candidates for Oxbridge entrance.
    • Thus there were also 12,000 fewer A-level maths candidates this year than last.
    • It was a very hot summer term, and candidates for art A-level were invited to compose and draw a still-life.
    • Scholarship candidates travelling from a distance can be provided with accommodation.
    • Mr Aceti is a PhD candidate and researcher at Central St Martin's College in London.
    • An educational system should be judged by how well it serves its pupils as people, not just as candidates.
    • In a Canadian university, a male and a female candidate were finalists for a tenurable position in philosophy.
    • Some driving schools offer relaxation techniques to candidates to help combat anxiety.
    • The end of the course has an examination and internship for all candidates.
    • The testing of women candidates should be carried out by women examiners, she added.
    • He is a fine instructor and Ph.D. candidate who happens to also be an outstanding athlete.