Translation of candle in Spanish:


vela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkændl/ /ˈkand(ə)l/


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    (for domestic use) vela feminine
    (for domestic use) candela feminine
    (for altar) cirio masculine
    candle snuffer apagavelas
    • Light candles and burn oils to create a restful and tranquil environment.
    • She produces a lighter and the single candle on the table flickers into life alongside the vase of white flowers
    • Winstanley climbed up to the lantern and lit a dozen tallow candles.
    • At 8 a.m. the mayor lit the candles and incense and nine monks led the religious ceremonies.
    • He was waiting, candles burning, flickering on the beautifully set table.
    • You could burn incense sticks or light a scented candle.
    • If the candle is put out the light disappears, but if the candle begins to melt and we touch the end of the dying candle to a new candle, then the light continues.
    • The candles were lit in front of a portrait of Florence Nightingale.
    • Readings, poems and music chosen by relatives were included in the service, during which candles were lit in memory of those who died.
    • As I prayed this weekend, I lit the candles in our little shrine and found it focused my prayers beautifully.
    • The name of every passenger who boarded at Cobh and later died at sea was read out and 79 candles were lit in their honour.
    • The swimming pool was decorated with fairy lights and floating candles and a table for the intimate party of 12 was set outside.
    • Posters highlighted the extra dangers the festive season brings - including the use of candles and fairy lights.
    • They light candles and incense and kneel down to pray before the image.
    • There was no light, and a huge rainstorm blew in - we just lit a bunch of candles, and it was pretty amazing.
    • We sometimes light candles when it grows dark, but we don't use them in the bedrooms as we think it is too dangerous.
    • During power outages exercise caution when using candles as a light source.
    • I'd light candles in the small, pink room that I slept in to make it more homely.
    • All the parents were given little red candles to light and then people could leave them there or bring them home.
    • An inquest heard that the fire started after friends of Mr Wright lit candles in his flat while he had gone out drinking with a friend.
    • Participants are asked to bring candles, lanterns and torches.