Translation of cannibalize in Spanish:


canibalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkænəbəˌlaɪz/ /ˈkanɪb(ə)lʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (machine/car) canibalizar
    (material) fusilarse informal
    (material) plagiar
    • Meanwhile, tanks and other machinery had to be cannibalised to provide spare parts for front-line equipment.
    • And the Farnley Flyer, a machine whose chassis was cannibalised from two BMX bikes rescued from a dump by pupils from Farnley Park High School, Leeds, outstripped the field to win by a clear margin.
    • More than half the navy was not battle-ready because of cash shortages and many vessels were being cannibalised for spare parts, he said.
    • Twelve thousand were cannibalized for spare parts, leaving 8,000 for reconditioning and resale or rental.
    • To sustain operational tempo in the near term, spare parts are cannibalized from working equipment.
    • As a spare parts resource, the mechanics cannibalized a Ju52 built for Lufthansa during the war and used as a military transport aircraft in Norway.
    • In recent months, the airline has been forced to cannibalise its existing fleet to provide spare parts.
    • While Cyclo Nord-Sud focuses exclusively on helping people in the South, one cycling group with a local angle is SOS Vélo, now issuing a call-out for decrepit bikes that will be cannibalized and transformed into workable wheels.
    • Pumps at the others have been cannibalised for parts, which causes further overgrazing at those wells in working order.
    • The backyard lights look nice, and they'd better - I spent Saturday afternoon cannibalizing the entire system, harvesting good bulbs from bad lamps, winnowing 15 down to seven.
    • This underwater fleet rapidly surfaced and diminished as vessels were cannibalized to keep their sister craft operational.
    • None was in good working order and one had been smashed up in an accident, but Chris was able to salvage the only left-hand driver of the trio by cannibalising the other two.
    • Broken-down trucks were scavenged for usable parts and left by the roadside. Artillery units cannibalised parts from captured guns to keep their howitzers operating.
    • Old buildings should be cannibalised for reusable material like wood, brick and stone.
    • As Americans found out this week, the more enterprising of these soldiers find ways to improvise armor, diving into scrap heaps or cannibalizing damaged American vehicles.
    • The airport runway is lined with the rusted wrecks of other planes cannibalized for parts.
    • The team's old minicomputer is gone, long since cannibalized for parts, but Hulse does retain his original printouts, on newspaper-like green paper.
    • Instead, ground crews cannibalized what they needed to keep other planes in service.
    • This was originally a cheap Tandy keyboard which I cannibalised.
    • The more dilapidated eastern end of the Turbine building was partly stripped and cannibalised for other parts of the building.