Translation of canny in Spanish:


astuto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkæni/ /ˈkani/

adjective cannier, canniest

  • 1

    (person) astuto
    (person) ladino
    (idea) astuto
    • Scotland has a reputation for canny money management, and frequently outsmarts London's high-flyers.
    • The canny acumen of business donors leads to inevitable speculation about the tax breaks linked to such donations.
    • In the main, newspaper photographers are very canny with their money, and he was no exception.
    • The wealth brought by his marriage and his canny eye for business between them enabled him to amass a substantial fortune.
    • There is already evidence to suggest that some canny investors are hoarding such properties, which they plan to sell on in years to come.
    • The canny investor knows that equities can deliver a fortune, the trick is to buy the right stocks at the right time and wait patiently.
    • Both were meticulous artists and canny businessmen, adept at anticipating audience trends.
    • Other bonds have been caught up in the gloom in recent months, and this may create selective buying opportunities for the canny investor.
    • He is courteous, good-humoured, shrewd, canny and from a humble background in Edinburgh.
    • The canny businessman, who was renowned for his own hard work, knew the percentage deal would be a powerful incentive for employees.
    • It was a brave gamble, a bid for power, by an ambitious, clever and canny politician who saw his career facing a premature end.
    • These guys were clever, canny combatants, and they had good media advisors!
    • Tax can eat into your returns so canny investors make us of the available tax breaks.
    • On the other hand, soldiers were generally a canny lot and chose intelligently.
    • Cullen is a cautious and canny politician and it is unlikely that he was on a complete solo run with his comments.
    • The 33-year-old Scot is a canny businessmen who always has an eye out for a good investment.
    • Born performer: funny, canny and sharp, Paula Sage is a natural who made her name starring with Kevin McKidd in Afterlife.
    • Beevor seems too intelligent and canny a writer to be taken in by Sudoplatov.
    • We like to think that we are a bit more canny about what we buy.
    • But obviously his canny father has a better plan-and it has nothing to do with love, romance, happiness.
  • 2

    he's very canny where his own money is concerned es muy cuidadoso cuando se trata de su propio dinero