Translation of canoe in Spanish:


canoa, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈnu/ /kəˈnuː/


  • 1

    canoa feminine
    piragua feminine

intransitive verb canoes, canoeing, canoed

  • 1

    ir en canoa
    ir en piragua
    they canoed down the river fueron río abajo en canoa
    • Since then, traveling with several different partners, I've cycled and canoed through Canada and Alaska, rowed the Bering Sea, and trekked, skied, and biked 14,000 miles across Eurasia.
    • I have swum in, canoed, windsurfed and sailed on the lake for many years and the biggest hassle for me has never been fast and noisy speedboats.
    • I have canoed, fished, sailed and more recently I have become qualified in powerboats.
    • He and his commandos had already struck a blow for Britain in September 1943 with Operation Jaywick, when they canoed into Singapore harbour and sank seven ships.
    • Six years ago I went on an Outward Bound trip in which I hiked 10-20 miles a day, whitewater canoed for two days, then carried my canoe out of the gorge on my back and ran a 10k.
    • My first activity of the day was to run the Eucalyptus trail twice round as the staff canoed to work and parked their dugout canoes in the reeds.
    • Mark Whittaker, 38, of Hazel Grove, Clayton-le-Moors, canoed through the Amazon rainforest two years ago to raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society.
    • Also, the River Chasm crossed my path, and I canoed on that until the tributary ended in Coulombe.
    • We've canoed on flooded rivers, but nothing like that.
    • If you've never canoed and camped in Minnesota's Boundary Waters, or on the Canadian side, in the Quetico region, you don't know what a beautiful week we shall be having.
    • In Ramakrishapur village, we met three Onge men who had canoed to the settlement to buy fishhooks and a knife for cutting branches in the forests.
    • By the time they made it home, he and the rest of the party had walked 800 km, canoed 70 km and ridden almost 100 km on horseback.
    • I hesitate to say that we canoed, however, because that implies we exerted ourselves by paddling our boats down the river.
    • He cycled, canoed or walked from one Munro to the next, covering 1,639 miles and wearing out three pairs of boots.
    • From dawn to dusk they ran, swam, canoed and cycled around North Yorkshire in a trial of stamina and skill.
    • We canoed across the lake, through the water reeds which the Finns make into small pipes.
    • Claims that Puerto Rican protesters planned to canoe out to hinder firings proved unfounded.
    • Joe Creek, which spills into the Pacific here, is a wonderful spot to canoe or kayak.
    • I first went wilderness canoeing with my grandfather at age four and have paddled thousands of miles since, including the length of the Mississippi.
    • The Ivory Billed Woodpecker lives on, found by a man canoeing alone in the backwaters.