Translation of canopy in Spanish:


dosel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkænəpi/ /ˈkanəpi/

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nounplural canopies

  • 1

    (over bed, throne, altar) dosel masculine
    (over bed, throne, altar) baldaquín masculine
    (over bed, throne, altar) baldaquino masculine
    (over statuette) doselete masculine
    (over person) palio masculine
    (over person) dosel masculine
    (of cockpit) cubierta transparente feminine
    the canopy of stars la bóveda celeste literary
    • But even he has withdrawn to the shade of a canopy draped above a couple of threadbare sofas and that glorious moment now seems an age away.
    • Stall owners hawked their wares under canopies of brightly colored cloth.
    • She was lying on a canvas army cot, under a cloth canopy.
    • A garland of wildflowers crowned her head, and the scents rising from her body as she sat upon her throne beneath the bridal canopy filled her with joy.
    • We'll hang them from the ceiling above the Sovereign's throne to form a canopy.
    • Rev Graham waited to go on in an air-conditioned tent, with aides nearby in case of a medical emergency, and the stage was shaded by a massive canopy.
    • Cyclos are like rickshaws: you recline comfortably in front, shaded by a canopy, while your driver pedals you along the streets on a three wheeler.
    • After days of chilly early spring weather, a brilliant sun warmed the square, where the Pope sat in an armchair shaded by a canopy.
    • Down from the ceiling came canopies of cloth that covered the bed elegantly.
    • What however makes The Rocks a star is its weekend market held under sail-like canopies on two streets.
    • Her bed was covered with linen bed coverings and a linen canopy that kept insects from disturbing her sleep.
    • A wedding is a soul experience for the bride and groom, a new beginning through the spiritual union under the chuppah, the wedding canopy.
    • The orange canopy shaded some of the harsh glare from the sun, allowing her to pull her hood away from her face so she could inspect the fruit more carefully.
    • Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the officer seated in the shade of the canopy, called out my name.
    • Thin, white lace fell from the top point of the canopy and draped around the bed.
    • To keep the temperature inside from getting too high, a canopy shades the growth chambers.
    • She parted the drapes of the canopy wider and sat upon the dusty bed.
    • Some savvy businesses owners add their company's name, logo, phone number and address to the exterior of their awnings and canopies.
    • The canopy was made of Barbados cloth, specially imported for her daughter who was obsessed with sea travel.
    • The Volvo 340, which had apparently been abandoned, meant he could not erect his stall and he had to make do with putting out a selection of his wares on the tables, with no canopy over them.
    • In the fall of 1944, the commander of the Third Bomb Group flew the first aircraft with the bulged canopy and was delighted with the results.
    • The ejection seat will not fire until the canopy has departed the aircraft.
    • The canopy of the aircraft was greatly enlarged with both seats being mounted higher than normal for greater visibility.
    • Pieces of the failed acrylic transparency of the aft canopy were also sent to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in Ohio.
    • Aermacchi is responsible for the forward fuselage, the integration of the gun and avionics, the canopy, and the tailbone.