Translation of Cantonese in Spanish:


cantonés, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkæntəˈniz/ /ˌkantəˈniːz/


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nounplural Cantonese

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    cantonés masculine
    cantonesa feminine
    • We restricted the study to individuals belonging to the two major dialect groups of Chinese in Singapore: the Hokkiens and the Cantonese.
    • The striking thing about Guangzhou is that it is no longer the home of the Cantonese.
    • Yet, picky Cantonese discovered years ago that X.O. Excellence brandy perfectly complements their favourite shark's fin soup.
    • In 1932, a Cantonese named Lu Geng, along with a British national, set up a joint venture with the manager of an American-based mortgage company.
    • According to Wong Kam-man, owner and chef of Lao Yo Chih, the Cantonese add eggs to the flour dough to make the skin more chewy.
    • But to this day, sometimes when I have Cantonese takeout, I also suffer a flashback echo of Mr. R (no fault of the Cantonese, of course).
    • ‘The Cantonese only expected to seek his fortune in Dalian and to marry his girlfriend, who was said to work in a department store in Shanghai,’ Wang said.
    • At Canton, however, the foreigners had no choice; the Cantonese would not let them inside, and so they had no opportunity to discover that perhaps here as elsewhere they would rather be outside.
    • Beyond that, one theory from Canton states that the inventor was Hung Hsiu-Ch'uan, the Cantonese who led a rebellion and proclaimed himself Emperor of Nanking.
    • It has been said that the Cantonese can even distinguish a northern ‘mutton-eater’ by smell.
    • Thus the Cantonese like to have it boiled in soup with pork meat.
    • On top of this, the Chinese leadership has always believed that the Cantonese have a serious problem of ‘regionalism’ and may be difficult to control.
    • So the Cantonese and others enjoy snake as part of their cuisine.
    • The Cantonese have a saying: ‘We eat everything on the ground with four legs except tables and chairs.’
    • The Cantonese stress a light diet and any greasy ingredients should be kept away from the kitchen of the Summer Pavilion at the hotel, where claypots are a specialty.
    • The Cantonese are most renowned for their deep love of soup.
    • Some Cantonese still eat mice because they believe mouse meat is rich in protein.
    • As more and more Cantonese come to places like Shanghai, snake has grown in popularity.
    • The SARS outbreak last year led to great criticism of Chinese, especially Cantonese, over some of their unique dining ‘customs’.
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    cantonés masculine
    • Our local tour guide speaks Chinese (both Cantonese and putonghua), and he says that he has sufficient demand to keep busy every day of the week.
    • Some West Coast and Hawaiian galleries take additional steps to ensure success with this market by hiring multilingual consultants who speak Japanese, Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese.
    • Fluent in Mandarin, she was able to operate among the Hong Kong residents, who mainly speak Cantonese.
    • But, it doesn't make sense to me because although Hong Kong speaks Cantonese and Taiwan speaks Mandarin, the written languages are the same.
    • The majority of the population in Hong Kong is Chinese and speaks Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese, as the language for daily communication.
    • The Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong is similar to that used in Guangzhou, but the accent and some vocabulary are slightly different.
    • A number of Chinese dialects are also widely spoken including Cantonese, Hokkien, and Mandarin together with Punjabi and Tamil.
    • Neither of the pair spoke the other's language - one spoke Cantonese, the other spoke the Colombian dialect of Spanish.
    • We heard French, German, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese and Hindi being spoken.
    • He said that during meetings with the Indian and Pakistani communities, he had been told that many applications had been rejected because they could not speak or understand Cantonese.
    • His partner, terrified, dropped his own weapon and backed away, babbling in broken Cantonese.
    • It annoyed me that everything was in Mandarin - it brought me a little further from Edison and his Canadian-accented Cantonese.
    • But on the sad side, we are not given the chance to experience the film in its native Cantonese.
    • And thankfully, Fox also relented on the current trend of giving Western audiences English-only dub soundtracks instead of the original Cantonese with subtitles.
    • In Cantonese, the sound yu is also used for ‘fish’.
    • Speaking Cantonese, she calls the man's son to tell him to come to the hospital sooner rather than later - his father may not make it through the night.
    • In Cantonese, the number eight is pronounced as ‘fat’ which means fortune.
    • His Cantonese wasn't very good, so whenever he taught a lesson we had to struggle to try and understand what he was saying.
    • Unlike Cantonese, Shanghainese is only used in Shanghai, not even in nearby cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou.
    • It goes without saying that his English is better than my Cantonese.