Translation of cantonment in Spanish:


acantonamiento, n.

Pronunciation /kænˈtoʊnmənt/ /kænˈtɑnmənt/ /kanˈtɒnm(ə)nt/ /kanˈtuːnm(ə)nt/


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    acantonamiento masculine
    • Like Delhi, almost all big Indian cities have inherited cantonments, the colonial military stations.
    • During his meteoric rise there (he made colonel within four months), he worked on building the Pentagon and led the biggest housing project in history, constructing camps and cantonments for our troops.
    • The cantonments with their spacious suburbs of bungalows, military buildings, tennis courts and churches built by the British to distance themselves from the noises and smells of the cities and towns are still there.
    • The Ghadar Party established its own press and published small pamphlets in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi which were distributed among students and the soldiers stationed in all cantonments in the NWFP, Punjab and the United Provinces.
    • Having grown up in British cantonments as the son of an army officer, I knew how the British lived in India.