Translation of Canuck in Spanish:


canadiense, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈnək/ /kəˈnʌk/


slang, derogatory
  • 1

    canadiense masculine, feminine
    • Us Canucks run a huge trade surplus and the dollar is weak.
    • Though Canucks, Heighton's heroes are filters for Western (read American) values and bias.
    • The actors featured in the series are a mixture of Canucks and Aussies.
    • However, we Canucks are by nature so laid-back, how can it hurt for the music industry to get together and pat each other on the back?
    • Ninety-four per cent of Canucks believe that the world has a positive view of Canada.
    • It's comforting to know some of our neighbours are as self-doubting and dissident as us Canucks.
    • Roots artist Kathleen Edwards was the only other Canuck besides Canadian-born Young on the bill this year.
    • He introduced his three associates, likewise Canucks, all from Vancouver.
    • Her theory of the Canadian identity hinges on that stereotype of the nice, law-abiding Canuck.