Translation of capability in Spanish:


capacidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkeɪpəˈbɪlədi/ /keɪpəˈbɪlɪti/

nounplural capabilities

  • 1

    (of person)
    • 1.1(ability)

      capacidad feminine
      capability to + inf capacidad para + inf
      • This would serve to strengthen the range of the product on offer, thereby increasing the capability to capture a wider market.
      • No other nation has such an impressive capability to project power and influence.
      • The market power resides in the capability to give less and charge more.
      • There is a capability to bring them in from all over the country.
      • They were interested in Knock Airport and had the capability of bringing a significant number of jobs to the base.
      • Camp touches the lives of all its participants and provides experiences that have the capability to transform people.
      • He should single out carefully those who have strong commitment and capability to implement any programs set by the administration.
      • I'm not questioning a woman's capability to have intelligent conversation.
      • On its own, New Zealand will struggle to maintain the capacity and capability to regulate therapeutic products into the future.
      • He is showing his capability of being a strong and secure president through these troubled times.
      • That means Pakistan also has capability to produce these grenades.
      • Not many countries have the technological capability to produce and supply generic drugs even if the laws permit that.
      • Do we have the intellectual capability to understand the deepest principles behind the harmony and complexity of Nature?
      • As the capability of flash has increased so has the demand for people to create flash movies.
      • Those with money or access to money are becoming the only ones with the capability of placing an initiative on the ballot.
      • He definitely showed his talents and capability to win.
      • We all know that India has the talent and capability to win a medal.
      • A salesperson cannot afford to make promises which the organization does not have the competence or capability to meet.
      • Again, Filmbox's capability to generate images immediately led the Bravo producers to call on Kaydara.
      • We're not there yet, but we have the capability of tracking products now.

    • 1.2capabilities plural(potential)

      aptitudes feminine
      to have capabilities tener aptitudes
      • In effect, Gua acted like a human child to the extent of her physical capabilities.
      • Some drivers are afraid to drive the car to the full extent of its capabilities.
      • Symes showed the extent of his capabilities in the club's biggest game in its recent history.
      • I was scared that things would all go wrong and that it would really reflect badly on me and my abilities and capabilities.
      • It is beyond my capabilities to comprehend the level of evil that has infected the minds of these people.
      • The cognitive capabilities and skills of robots are doubling every few months.
      • It is a condition which has affected his ability to let people know his true capabilities.
      • They were able to draw on their capabilities and reach their goals.
      • The student should clearly understand his capabilities and identify his aptitude for higher education and a career.
      • Two thousand and four concluded with the leadership capabilities of the Prime Minister still in question.
      • Through hardships we discover what we are really made of, our physical, emotional, mental capabilities.
      • There is a grain of truth here - he stubbornly refuses to accept that age matters, or there is a limit to human capabilities.
      • This mission is well beyond the capability of conventional chemically powered spacecraft.
      • The experiences the baby has in the first few years of their life determines the intellectual capability of the child.
      • It is beyond my capability to comprehend how someone could starve a baby to death.

  • 2

    • 2.1Military

      capacidad feminine
      nuclear capability capacidad nuclear
      • Typically, operational centers of gravity are military capabilities or forces.
      • The author cites an absence of Baltic military capability as another NATO obstacle.
      • They also need to understand how military capability is empirically related to the functionality of systems.
      • Does the absence of a chemical-warfare tactical capability hurt the U.S. military?
      • Acquiring nuclear weapons capability clearly would be a difficult undertaking for such organizations.
      • The need to apply appropriate military capability prudently is paramount.
      • Her experiences at Scutari convinced her that the impediment to maximal military capability was illness.
      • Nations are restructuring their military capabilities to provide such forces more easily.
      • The strategic aim of strike is to effectively deprive the enemy of the capability to employ military forces in the pursuit of their aim.
      • He said deployment of the WLRs were part of the force protection capability offered by the Australian Army.
      • The creation of a European arms industry was linked to plans for a military capability independent of NATO.
      • There's been a big buildup in military capability, in missiles deployed along the mainland coast.
      • In any case, only the United States has the military capability to undertake global operations by itself.
      • Both new countries had to reduce their military capability and both states had to pay reparations for war damage.
      • This compels the Army to accelerate the development of selected future force capabilities.
      • Military capability is the other indispensable component of defense.
      • People are an essential element of any military capability.
      • The huge effort to build up the U.S. presence in the Middle East taxed the Air Force's airlift capability.
      • First, how much conventional war-fighting capability should the US military retain?
      • Currently there is no deployable capability for the European Rapid Reaction Force.

    • 2.2(of machine)

      cilindrada feminine
      capacidad feminine