Translation of capable in Spanish:


capaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪpəb(ə)l/


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    I'll leave you in the capable hands of Mr Smith lo dejo con el Sr Smith: queda en buenas manos
    • I think we all felt we were a good side but not in our wildest drams did we think we were capable of what we have achieved.
    • The evidence is that some boys are failing to achieve the results of which they are capable.
    • What is good is that England now strive not just to win but to play the cricket of which they know themselves capable.
    • Only here and there did the Aberdonian produce anything like the form of which he is obviously capable.
    • For a second time in the game Leigh showed how capable they were of springing from defence into attack.
    • We've proved capable in the past of coming from behind and we've handled the heat.
    • All the other regions had at least one outstanding player capable of making a huge difference.
    • He hoped, and believed, that his Celtic side were capable of beating the champions.
    • I felt I was capable of doing this on my own as well, but I had no choice and no windscreen wipers.
    • Liverpool is soon to have a concert venue capable of hosting the biggest bands.
    • Whether they are capable of mounting a decisive challenge is difficult to say.
    • What is it about you, do you think, that makes you capable of doing the work that you do?
    • We can't afford to lose because Hearts and Aberdeen are both capable of catching us.
    • I am quite capable of being happy without outside interference thank you very much.
    • Does the council think we are not capable of using the green bin without being forced to?
    • Alexa is a smart computer system capable of hearing and responding to the human voice.
    • No one, not even Wise, claims that chimpanzees are capable of responsible behavior.
    • Immediate impressions suggest he is more capable of handling this sort of pressure than he was a year ago.
    • There is no ultra-sound machine capable of breaking down the scar tissue inside her head.
    • How about educating staff so that they are capable of giving informed advice?
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    to be capable of -ing ser capaz de + inf
    to be capable of sth