Traducción de capably en Español:


competentemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkeɪpəbli/


  • 1

    • She capably argues the injustices of the medieval class system.
    • It's a short set, accompanied capably by a violinist.
    • It has provided an anamorphic transfer that capably preserves the colors.
    • The author capably describes the conflicts as they developed.
    • They provide a wealth of data, capably organized and interpreted.
    • He served capably under Colonel Stark, invaded Canada alongside Arnold, and participated bravely at the Battle of Saratoga.
    • Altogether, these factors merge to create an unsafe load for nurses to manage capably.
    • Between 1853 and 1857 he served, very capably, as secretary of war under Franklin Pierce.
    • A federal bureaucracy will never capably mobilize and manage the information and resources necessary to incorporate and inspire tens of millions of citizens.
    • Like many, he believed the indigenous peoples were too backward to capably govern themselves.