Translation of caparison in Spanish:


gualdrapa, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈpɛrəsən/ /kəˈparɪs(ə)n/


  • 1

    (for horse)
    gualdrapa feminine
    caparazón masculine, feminine
    • Additional corroboration of the French style of the embroidery - both on the King's Bed and on the suit - derives from its close similarity with that of the horse caparisons and saddles given by Louis XIV to Charles XI of Sweden in 1673.
    • Gros specialized in battle scenes, rendering with eclat the uniforms of the officers and the caparisons of the horses.
    • Financial constraints came in the way of the project and the king sold elephant accoutrements, mainly caparisons which belonged to the Poornathrayeesa Temple, to fund the project.
    • After considering various business proposals, Rajiv Nair settled for selling ‘chamayams’ or caparisons - those decorative pieces that adorn the forehead of elephants during festivals.
    • The draperies were, frankly, an orange-coloured man-made fibre rather than caparisons of royal purple silk.

transitive verb

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    to be caparisoned in/with sth estar engualdrapado con / de algo
    • On the fringes of this retinue, lions and crocodiles pounce on their victims while an elephant runs amok, and at the centre is the Navab, enlarged as befits his status, bending from his richly caparisoned mount to slash at a lion.
    • Zari parasols, richly caparisoned elephants, glittering gold-embossed palanquins and symbols like Mount Meru and the mighty Garuda became royal symbols of Indonesia.
    • Thousands of curious onlookers positioned themselves along the road as well as on top of buildings enjoying the tableaux and floats as they moved in procession behind three caparisoned elephants.
    • In elephant-crazy Kerala, caparisoned jumbos are an essential part of the processions that accompany every celebration.
    • The visitors will be accorded a traditional welcome, complete with three caparisoned elephants and a panchavadyam performance.
    • One evening under the shadow of the Red Fort I see a passing wedding procession: the groom rides a caparisoned white horse and is followed by a band in uniform with wailing trumpets and banging drums.
    • The shield bears the inscription ‘Magic Naturalis’; behind Herbert is a caparisoned knight's horse, evidence of a battle.
    • The eye lingers on the fine features of a musician, or the graceful limbs of a dancing girl or the noble prancing of a caparisoned steed.
    • A cultural treat, complete with caparisoned elephants, ‘theyyams’ and ‘thalapoli’ was ready to see the sailors into the waters that will take them to so many destinations over a period of one year.
    • The idol of Saraswathi, which was brought out in a procession on a caparisoned elephant from the Thevarakkettu temple at Padmanabhapuram on Monday, is accompanied by that of Munnootti Nanga and Sri Subramania Swami.
    • In the dead of night, the caparisoned elephants illuminated by the dancing flames of torches and surrounded by the aroma of burning oil assume an almost ethereal look.
    • As the cavalcade began lining up in the main axis, with a ringing of gongs and bells, a caparisoned temple elephant and a third rath carrying a huge golden horse joined the procession.
    • The presiding deity is taken out on a caparisoned elephant accompanied by other pachyderms in full paraphernalia.