Traducción de capital-intensive en español:


intensivo en capital, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkæpədlɪnˌtɛnsɪv/


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    (industry) (que exige un alto capital fijo) intensivo en capital
    • Unlike graphic design, her new business is capital-intensive and requires management of inventory, fulfillment, and manufacturing.
    • Mechanization in turn meant more capital investment, and capital-intensive industries required the presence of workers all the year round.
    • Part of the reason is that government policies favor investment in capital-intensive industries such as mining and oil while neglecting job-generating sectors like tourism and agriculture.
    • In what is such a capital-intensive business, Tesco invariably pays a price for its expansion and development programmes.
    • They're very different businesses after all, with the application business being innovation-intensive and the infrastructure business being capital-intensive.
    • The industry is so capital-intensive that if someone has access to cheap financing, it can sell products at much lower prices, he said.
    • By the same token, some analysts contend that focusing on cash flow from operations penalizes profitable and fast-growing but capital-intensive businesses.
    • For such capital-intensive industries, relocation decisions are more difficult and costly and they are likely to impact firm profitability over a much longer period than for other businesses.
    • Adding value to farm commodities usually requires building capital-intensive processing plants, and that means sizable investments by producers.
    • First of all, the ratio is really only useful when you are looking at capital-intensive businesses or financial businesses with plenty of assets on the books.
    • Such co-operation (often leading to formal consolidation) is a natural free market development in capital-intensive industries.
    • It remains, however, a capital-intensive business with limited top-line revenue growth.
    • Also, I'm not clear as to why focusing on operating cash flow penalizes capital-intensive businesses.
    • Now, despite legal restrictions on capital-intensive investment, chipmakers and designers are making the leap, too.
    • The industries most highly encouraged in Malaysia are the high-technology, capital-intensive industries, which do not require much labour.
    • Traditionally, the company prefers to leave the capital-intensive bottling and distribution business to independent partners.
    • Search-based, targeted advertising helped make e-tailing a much less capital-intensive, risky business.
    • In an age in which billions would starve if not for the use of artificial fertilizers in capital-intensive agriculture, the left blathers on about small-scale organic farming.
    • Any communications business that relies on capital-intensive installed infrastructure is potentially at risk because of the relentless pace of Moore's Law.
    • Finally, China went up the manufacturing value curve by going for high-tech and capital-intensive industries like ferrous metals, automobiles and petroleum.