Translation of capitulate in Spanish:


capitular, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈpɪtʃəˌleɪt/ /kəˈpɪtjʊleɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to capitulate to sb/sth capitular ante algn/algo
    • The various forces converged in April 1945, and the Berlin garrison commander capitulated on 2 May.
    • So great was the demoralization that formidable fortresses capitulated to mere cavalry units.
    • But, as hostilities begin, these non-military efforts to influence combine with military force until the regime capitulates.
    • An effort without ground action leaves the decision of when to capitulate with the enemy.
    • On Thursday morning, October 11, executives of the five networks issued a joint decision essentially capitulating to the government demand.
    • Pilot association members sacked their union executive last November for capitulating to government demands for staff cuts and huge concessions on wages.
    • Furthermore, they have resisted capitulating to the world at large and remained faithful to the community of believers in Sardis.
    • Rhonda stands by her demand, and Philip capitulates, reluctantly agreeing to a December wedding.
    • Despite its effectiveness, the CWU has capitulated to management demands that originally provoked the strike.
    • Of course it helps to have days like this, where one of Microsoft's most audacious business opponents finally capitulated.
    • Guerin's family wanted her off the beat, but her editors capitulated to her demands.
    • The Company refuses to capitulate on its demands for four separate enterprise agreements to cover the different sections at Joy.
    • He also implied the Russian Government of Vladimir Putin should now capitulate to Chechen demands for independence.
    • Their intention is apparently to use the weather to force the region to capitulate to their demands for regime change.
    • How many countries would capitulate to the overwhelming demands of the document?
    • However, there is never an excuse for capitulating and surrendering the public interest to the dictates of the market.
    • On 29 May there was a bombshell - the Belgian army had capitulated, reducing further the perimeter around Dunkirk.
    • This alone had made it possible to seize ocean bases from which to launch the final attack and force her metropolitan Army to capitulate without striking a blow.
    • On 20 June it capitulated, the garrison of 23,000 men surrendering, with vast quantities of stores.
    • The fish yielded slowly, making powerful but short runs, eventually capitulating to the constant pressure of the line, rod and drag.