There are 2 main translations of capo in Spanish

: capo1capo2


capotasto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪpoʊ/ /ˈkæpoʊ/ /ˈkapəʊ/

nounplural capos

  • 1

    (for guitar)
    capotasto masculine
    ceja feminine
    • Tuners, capos, pics, guitar straps and a set of extra strings are all handy toys.
    • It can be silly things, like we'll use a capo and drop D, tune the string down to make a chord, rather than just play the chord normally.
    • With Tielli if he screws up, he stops, laughs and starts again - as he did when he forgot his capo and had to borrow one from Wayne Omaha guitarist-vocalist Matt James.
    • I bet you didn't know Pat Metheny used a capo did you?
    • I have an open-tuned bouzouki, borrowed from a friend, and a capo, so in theory I can play in any key.
    • He was obviously nervous, hands shaking as he put on the capo.
    • Unfulfilled, unfortunately, and someone had apparently moved the capo.
    • When it turned out that Ahuja had forgotten her capo, Osborne kindly ran backstage to get her one.
    • Rock players usually have a facility with bar chords and don't need a capo.
    • ‘Temporary’ should come included with stool and capo, with its murky chord progression and mumbled, depressive vocals.

There are 2 main translations of capo in Spanish

: capo1capo2


capo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑpoʊ/ /ˈkæpoʊ/ /ˈkapəʊ/


  • 1

    (in Mafia)
    capo masculine
    • In Queens, New York, two weeks of digging an alleged mafia bone yard has led to two capos of the Bonanno crime family.
    • Or because we tend to think of the politicians and the presidency as occupying a parallel world - Mafia dons and capos dispatching one another in a turf war.
    • It was the prosecution of a Gambino crime family capo and his crew for narcotics trafficking, murder, racketeering, jury tampering and other charges.
    • He extracted a guilty plea from Mafia capo John Gambino.
    • A Genovese crime family capo known as ‘Sammy Meatballs’ was overheard talking about the union.
    • On FBI tapes, Gambino capo DePalma claims the mob controls this union.
    • This is the time for the extended family to come together, to pay its respects to the dons and capos, and a time for people who want to be associated with the family to come and be introduced.
    • But as a don, he has no choice but to protect his capos.
    • Season 4 begins with him confronting his ill-performing capos.
    • Back in New York, Tony Sirico, he plays Paulie Walnuts, a Sopranos family capo who's in trouble with Russian Mafia.
    • The Feds say Napolitano was killed in retribution for his ties to Pistone - and they have a ‘high-ranking’ witness who has linked Massino and acting capo Frank Lino to the crime.
    • Brazzi should surely be a capo, not an employee, and the Five Families think the Corleones want to off him because they have their eye on his lucrative Olive Oil business.
    • Vinnie, Tony, Little Dominic, Charlie, and the big man himself, the capo, Frankie Pero… they didn't quite become firm friends, though he has written to them since his return to Ireland.
    • Organised crime is all around, even if it's no longer at the scale when Richie ‘the Boot’ Boiardo - a capo or captain for the famed Genovese family - lived out in Livingston.
    • Harvey Keitel plays Charlie, the wiseguy dandy, a Catholic uneasily preoccupied by eternal damnation, but employed as a novice enforcer by his Uncle, a capo from the old country.
    • A 400-pound capo doesn't vanish into thin air.
    • Giacomo is both capo, boss, and capofamiglia, head of the family.
    • No, we're not talking James Gandolfini, who returns to the premium channel as capo during the third season of the mob dramedy The Sopranos, which premieres with back-to-back new episodes March 4, but another Jersey guy.
    • Tony Soprano is no Kurtz or Keyser Soze, although his capos - Silvio and Paulie Walnuts - do occasionally compare him with Napoleon.