Translation of capsicum in Spanish:


pimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæpsəkəm/ /ˈkapsɪkəm/


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    pimiento masculine
    pimentón masculine South America
    ají masculine River Plate
    • Chrysanthemum, capsicum, salvia and petunia plants have higher stem elongation rates during the night than during the day.
    • The plant is a member of the family Solanaceae and therefore a relation of the New World capsicum peppers and potato, and of the Old World aubergine.
    • Spinach, tomatoes, capsicums and those sort of plants will wilt badly in summer if they have nematodes.
    • The incursion of fruit fly in Auckland some years ago was caused by someone bringing in a capsicum with fruit fly larvae.
    • Don't rush the planting of sweet corn, melons, pumpkins and capsicums.
    • One day soon there may be multiple crops of chillies and capsicums growing on his fields.
    • The rather long drought in the district has taken a heavy toll on the cash crops like maize, tomato, capsicum, ginger and paddy.
    • They discussed some tips for planting summer crops like tomatoes and capsicums.