Translation of capsize in Spanish:


volcarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkæpˌsaɪz/ /kapˈsʌɪz/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (right over) dar una vuelta de campana
    • Officials say the migrants ended up in the water after their boat capsized.
    • Five more went missing when their boat capsized in the icy waters as they searched for the original group.
    • The boat capsized, tossing the three crew into the water as darkness fell.
    • Shortly after leaving port, the boat capsized in seconds and began filling rapidly with water.
    • At between 10.30 and 10.50 the same day the vessel capsized and sank in the shallow water 150 metres off shore.
    • Water cascaded onto the car deck and the ferry capsized and sank in minutes, coming to rest on its starboard side in just under 30m of water.
    • A Salford sailor is lucky to be alive after his boat capsized after drifting down the River Ribble and out to sea.
    • An inquest was held in Castlebar yesterday into the death of a 53-year-old trout angler who died after his boat capsized on Lough Mask.
    • Several of the search and rescue boats had capsized.
    • A U.S. helicopter went down in Mosul with its two crewmen while searching for a missing GI after a patrol boat capsized in the Tigris.
    • Authorities are conducting a battery of tests on the ill-fated Ethan Allen to try and determine why the boat capsized on Lake George.
    • I was thrown off balance and the whole boat capsized.
    • A fishing boat capsized near Taiwan's northern harbour of Keelung and three fishermen from the Chinese mainland were washed away.
    • Three teens along with their rescuers were saved after their boats capsized in the St. Mary's River.
    • In the small town of Manhuacu, a rescue worker drowned when his boat capsized.
    • At least two people died and eight are still missing after an illegally run ferry capsized and sank on Monday on the Yellow River near Ji'nan.
    • Learn how to empty a capsized boat while in the water in this free video on boat base river rescue and safety.
    • Both realized a capsized vessel is difficult to find, but wore their vests and stayed with their boat.
    • Doris capsized the canoe yesterday.
    • One of the three fishing partners narrowly escaped by swimming to a jetty after waves capsized the small boat.

transitive verb

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    hacer volcar
    (right over) hacer dar una vuelta de campana