Translation of captivating in Spanish:


encantador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkæptəˌveɪdɪŋ/ /ˈkaptɪveɪtɪŋ/


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    • His children had apparently never seen anything more captivating.
    • Upon close observation, you will find inspiration in each of the artist's captivating images.
    • In contrast to the opening 45 minutes, the second period proved captivating.
    • Dressed in a white cotton suit Pep reeled the audience in with his captivating voice.
    • The sixth piece, which consisted of light string combinations, was the quartet's least captivating performance.
    • The opposing sizzle may be more captivating then rational discourse.
    • Known primarily for her quiet, captivating voice, Doiron sings with a style slightly different from previous releases.
    • There is a captivating element of juxtaposition in each painting.
    • In a captivating section, Bate attempts to reconstruct Shakespeare's library.
    • Still more captivating are Greaves' architectural structures, a dozen in all, installed at the four corners of the site.
    • Dyson devotees will find nothing new in this collection, some of his most captivating moments are recycled.
    • Talk about a story that's just captivating people's attention.
    • In this exhibition, he seems more interested in captivating viewers rather than in shocking them.
    • These works maintain a quiet, inviting tone all the more captivating for their utter lack of pretense.
    • It's a captivating depiction of a way of life very removed from time.
    • A lot of his article is commonsense, but written in a disarming and captivating manner.
    • Nowhere else have I been greeted by so many genuine, captivating smiles.
    • However, the movie plays like a series of vignettes, which means that another captivating scene is always around the corner.
    • Van Meene's camera tends to linger on eccentric but captivating details.
    • There's something captivating about the desert.