Translation of captivity in Spanish:


cautiverio, n.

Pronunciation /kæpˈtɪvədi/ /kapˈtɪvɪti/


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    cautiverio masculine
    cautividad feminine
    to keep sth/sb in captivity mantener algo/a algn en cautiverio
    • Most animals' basic needs can be met in captivity if conditions are sufficiently favourable.
    • Later in 1945, when in captivity, he spoke about the shooting to fellow prisoners.
    • Millions of the 5 million or so who returned alive from German captivity were sentenced to labour camps.
    • Some Australian bird species or parrot species will breed quite happily here in captivity.
    • Those first few months of captivity, for the most part, passed the quickest.
    • What an opportunity to proclaim real liberty to those in physical captivity and spiritual bondage!
    • If Amber does make a full recovery she will spend the rest of her life in captivity for her own protection.
    • The pope was taken prisoner and kept in polite captivity for nine months.
    • The major had been in captivity for two months after being captured along with a team of Indian peacekeepers.
    • The urine is likely to be obtained from foxes kept in captivity or those that have been shot by gamekeepers to protect their stock.
    • Freedom, in short, is a subjective concept that can mean either liberation or lifelong captivity.
    • The sad fate of the German prisoners of war held in Soviet captivity is generally known in the Federal Republic.
    • I met Brian just six months after he came out of captivity, and I was struck by how unsettled he seemed.
    • After three and a half years in captivity, only one-third of the prisoners were still alive.
    • The French withdrew, taking the pope with them as a prisoner, and he died in French captivity.
    • I had malaria 46 times during captivity, although luckily not while I was in the cage.
    • Female cowbirds were held in captivity and released at the end of the breeding season.
    • She will survive her many wounds and, we hope, mend from the trauma of her captivity.
    • The next three days of captivity are described over three chapters.
    • Were the families of those who did not survive captivity fairly compensated?