Translation of caravel in Spanish:


carabela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrəvɛl/ /ˈkarəvɛl/

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    carabela feminine
    • Square-rigged sails were particularly effective on the lighter ships known as caravels, which is why the Nina and Pinta were apt choices for Columbus's first voyage.
    • One theory has it as the hulk of a Portuguese caravel wrecked here in the 1560s.
    • The even skin of the carvel hull enabled shipwrights to cut gunports close to the waterline.
    • Nine years later his caravels were wrecked at Puerto Bueno - the present Dry Harbour.
    • Its tall twin bell towers were the first sign of port for the caravels making the long voyage from Lisbon, Africa or Macau.