Translation of card game in Spanish:

card game

juego de cartas, n.


  • 1

    juego de cartas masculine
    juego de naipes masculine
    • Cribbage is a card game that lends itself to a solitaire of strategy, perhaps better than any other.
    • The card game Don, which is played in various forms in Ireland and Britain, is a descendant of the old game of All Fours.
    • It is a collection of variations of the traditional card game Spades.
    • They had been playing the card game for about forty minutes when the speakers crackled into life and a funny voice was heard.
    • He had spent most of the night playing a boisterous card game and running around filming people with his video camera.
    • Have you ever watched someone play a card game when s/he doesn't understand the rules?
    • These guys are too drained even to cope with the interaction of a friendly card game together.
    • Another card game will take place next Sunday evening in Glenhest Community Hall and all are welcome.
    • For ten or fifteen minutes I was happy and awake, enjoying a good card game with my friend.
    • All card players should take note that there will be a card game as usual in the O'Brien hall on Christmas nights.
    • Bridge players will tell you that it is the best card game ever invented.
    • The monthly card game takes place on the first Monday night of each month.
    • The card game in Shanagolden Hall each Friday night attracts a good number of players from the parish.
    • Asked for a reason for the killings, Ma reportedly told police that they accused him of being a cheat in a card game.
    • His attention was torn away from the card game as he heard raised voices from across the room.
    • She had been drinking all night during the card game she was hosting in their apartment.
    • Thanks to all those who sponsored prizes and those who both raffle tickets but could not attend the card game.
    • Wang later wins some money in a card game with some small time gangsters, but they mug him and take back their money.
    • The next card game will take place tonight Tuesday in the Brown Memorial Hall, Foxford.
    • Thanks to all who supported the card game in aid of Ballycroy Social Services last Friday night.