Translation of card swipe in Spanish:

card swipe

lector de tarjetas de banda magnética, n.


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    lector de tarjetas de banda magnética masculine
    • In addition, CalTech informed me that the card swipe data had been lost late on September 15, 2003, through September 17, 2003.
    • It will act as a debit card in your Palm with a secure IR connection which will replace a card swipe.
    • Someone installed a bank card swipe device on the outer door of a Bank of Montreal machine at the Blundell Shopping Centre, 8120 No. 2 Rd. at 10 p.m.
    • The data from the card swipe, which includes the fan's name and attendance pattern, is automatically registered and organized in database fashion, allowing teams to market to prospective fans more easily.
    • There was no handle, but had a card swipe box next to it; within a few minutes, the canine had hotwired the door open.
    • The head teacher of the 900-pupil school told the BBC that retinal scan technology is cheaper and more cost effective than card swipe systems.
    • Attendance is tracked by ID card swipes, which provide instant feedback on what groups will need additional safety information.