Translation of cardinal point in Spanish:

cardinal point

punto cardinal, n.


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    punto cardinal masculine
    • The Great Pyramid's faces are positioned, almost exactly, in the directions of the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) with less than one degree of error!
    • American roads also frustrated the traveller seeking to move diagonally rather than according to the four cardinal points of the compass.
    • Planetary location was related to the four cardinal points and described in terms of lying east, west, north or south; high or low; to the left or right, etc.
    • More interestingly, under the dome, four chiming clocks were set facing in the four cardinal points.
    • His son Kempe Gowda II erected the four towers at the four cardinal points at Bangalore.
    • If you look head-on at the pump they would be located at the cardinal points of a compass.
    • Each side is carefully oriented with one of the cardinal points on the compass (N, E, S, W).
    • They normally possess a central square (plaza de armas) from which lanes and streets extend in a straight line to four cardinal points.
    • The principal halts of the journey corresponded almost exactly to the four cardinal points of the delta where these cities were situated.
    • In the four cardinal points of the clearing were small piles of dirt where it seemed fires had been burned, long ago.
    • Basically, I am making pictures from all cardinal points of all land masses from all four continents that edge the Atlantic Ocean.
    • North is classically defined as the cardinal point opposite the sun's position at noon.
    • He too seemed unfamiliar with the area, had only a vague appreciation of cardinal points and experienced audible confusion with the concept of left and right.
    • A long - standing problem relating not only to the Great Pyramid but also its smaller cousins is the question of how the builders managed to orient such colossal structures to the cardinal points with surprisingly high accuracy.
    • In each plot, we established two 50-m-long transects perpendicular to each other, centered in the plot and oriented along cardinal points.
    • Ancient astrologers viewed the cardinal points as the great axis that held the earth in position; thus Manilius, writing in the first century BC, asserts.
    • All cultures have had their sun-gods; and there are frequent connections with crosses or the possession of four eyes or ears in recognition of the Sun's stations at the cardinal points.
    • This also mentions the 31 Babylonian ‘normal stars’ but does not deal with the cardinal points or a tropical zodiac.
    • The most she can do to that needle is make it confuse its cardinal points.
    • The terrazzo floor is designed in a cardinal point pattern, which emanates from the center of the centralized cash wrap.