Translation of cardiologist in Spanish:


cardiólogo, n.

Pronunciation /kɑrdiˈɑlədʒəst/ /ˌkɑːdɪˈɒlədʒɪst/


  • 1

    cardiólogo masculine
    cardióloga feminine
    • Two years later, board examinations were initiated to certify cardiologists.
    • You should ask for an immediate referral to a veterinary cardiologist for evaluation of the heart.
    • A hospital can use wireless to improve patient care by tracking where wheelchairs or cardiologists are located within the campus.
    • The more slices you get, the more accurate the diagnosis the cardiologist should be able to make.
    • Her father is a prominent cardiologist practicing in London.
    • The balloon problem can be dangerous, forcing cardiologists to perform emergency bypass surgery.
    • In a feeble gesture toward appeasing cardiologists everywhere, I sopped some of the fat off the top with more paper towels.
    • Cardiologists can then refer their patients to a sleep disorders clinic for further diagnosis or treatment.
    • He's one of the famed cardiologists in the world, but he's not a surgeon.
    • It is the duty of the cardiologist to take reasonable care in determining whether to discharge that patient or whether that patient should undergo further investigation.