Translation of cardphone in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑrdfoʊn/ /ˈkɑːdfəʊn/


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    teléfono público que funciona mediante tarjetas prepagadas y/o de crédito
    • The package also includes support for wireless web access using either a Nokia cardphone or a GPRS cell phone.
    • Revenue from customer premises equipment, cardphones and payphones was down by between 21 and 22 per cent.
    • The area now also has a few modern public cardphones: 12 in Tsumkwe, 3 each in Mangetti Duin and Gam, and 6 in Okamatapati.
    • With the new peace treaty firmly in place, in late March The Wizard publicly symbolised the new era of love and harmony by making the first ‘cardphone’ telephone call in Christchurch, to his Mum.