There are 2 main translations of care in Spanish

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cuidado, n.

Pronunciation /kɛr/ /kɛː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(attention, carefulness)

      cuidado masculine
      atención feminine
      she was driving without due care and attention conducía en forma imprudente y sin prestar la debida atención
      • handle with care frágil
      • I tried to answer every question with much care, considering the risk to my life.
      • Roll-up smoking seems to be an activity rather than an addiction - each lovingly rolled with care and attention.
      • Wash your garment with care and avoid scrubbing excessively to prevent damaging it.
      • Standard paper requires patience and extra care when hanging so it does not get damaged.
      • The forceps get in to the tight mouth of the dab much easier and do no damage if used correctly and with care.
      • Considerable care is required when handling diseased animals or carcasses.
      • But officers can use their discretion to deal with drivers who they consider are not driving with full care and attention.
      • This can take some care and serious thought, depending on the exact questions you are asked.
      • A summons of driving without due care and consideration was taken into account.
      • There are now official Government warnings to avoid or take extreme care in 121 countries.
      • It is better to be safe than sorry and due care and responsibility can avoid a lot of sorrow and anguish if rules and guidelines are adhered to.
      • I honestly believe the vast majority of people make major life decisions with a lot of care and consideration.
      • Every task was undertaken with great care and attention to detail.
      • He was convicted of driving without due care and attention in September 2002 and fined £400.
      • But no one would claim that a whale's bones need the same care and attention as a collection of Viking silver or a set of ivory chess pieces.
      • Quite the opposite, it's a funny and exhilarating movie, which has evidently been made with much care and attention.
      • A little extra care and attention to the problem will make the difference.
      • Accidents happen because of somebody's lack of care and attention.
      • I have to wonder whether my critics have truly read it with due care and attention.
      • Many were the hours and days she put in faithfully attending to her work with great care and attention to detail.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of animals, things)

      cuidado masculine
      pet/hair care el cuidado de los animales domésticos/del cabello
      • the garden was beautiful when it was under John's care el jardín estaba hermoso cuando John se ocupaba / se encargaba de él
      • could I leave these documents in your care? ¿puedo dejar estos documentos a su cuidado?
      • After providing people with necessary medical care, the troops gave away the food and drinks.
      • Reducing cost of venous disease management and improving quality of care are necessary.
      • Delegates also called for improved services for pensioners in health, social care and transport.
      • The court was told that the division between health care and personal care can be difficult if not impossible to draw.
      • The converse of this is that many of the benefits to health from improved care today will not be seen for many years.
      • It has provided NHS dental care since the health service's beginnings in 1948.
      • Society owes a debt of gratitude to people involved in voluntary groups who deliver animal care and welfare services.
      • The private sector had always had a small and important support role but past efforts to improve care through private provision had failed.
      • This device could be a big step forward for emergency care and public health.
      • This is the essence of patient centred care, and most health professionals strive to achieve it.
      • There is no national plan for providing health and social care where it is needed.
      • Know your body and mitigate health problems through preventive care.
      • Local health campaigners say coronary care at Downpatrick's Downe Hospital is set to be compromised.
      • They are abandoning care and maintenance of the wharves to fishermen.
      • The strategy says there are too many hospitals and too many consultants involved in the provision of cancer care.
      • These nurses work with local family doctors and public health nurses bringing vital care and support.
      • The amendment deleted provisions for aged care and retirement village developments.
      • Easy access to research on improving safety may help doctors and other health professionals make care safer.
      • To keep them growing and blooming well into the fall they need some basic care and maintenance.
      • It is feared that the longer the pit is without care and maintenance, the higher the cost of getting it back on line, making it harder to find a buyer.

    • 2.2British (protective custody)

      • children in care

    • 2.3(object of concern)

      the children are my special care para mí primero están los niños

  • 3

    • 3.1

      to take care of sb/sth atender a algn
      • I can take care of myself yo sé cuidarme
      • you must take better care of yourself debes cuidarte más
      • this garden takes care of itself este jardín no necesita muchos cuidados

    • 3.2

      to take care of sb/sth ocuparse / encargarse de algn/algo
      • leave Helen to take care of the details deja que Helen se ocupe / se encargue de los detalles
      • that takes care of that! ¡listo! / ¡eso ya está!

    • 3.3

      to take care of sb encargarse de algn informal, euphemistic

  • 4

    preocupación feminine
    free of all care(s) sin preocupaciones
    • not to have a care in the world / to be without a care in the world no tener ninguna preocupación
    • To those worn by cares and anxieties it is a resort for temporary respite.
    • The beautiful, isolated surroundings of the moors also play a vital part in helping guests leave behind the cares and worries of everyday life, Jan admits.
    • But she's also got a knack for handling your cares and worries and, when it's all too much, your tears.
    • The best thing is that everyone who goes to Bats Day can just leave all their cares and worries at the gate, and just have a fun time.
    • Seeking an oasis from daily cares and worries, they come here for camaraderie, a common cause and simply to find a treasure for a bargain.
    • Drunkards think they have no problems, they don't worry about tomorrow, and they have no burden or cares.
    • Worldly worries and cares take on a different perspective as the devotee looks on everything with a spiritual outlook.
    • Then I went to Dream Goddess and let my cares and worries float away.
    • You need to escape from the cares and worries of everyday life.
    • Then she saw his whole face, lined with the cares and worries that come from trying to balance work and family.
    • In the few oh so brief minutes it takes to smoke a cigarette all cares and troubles seem irrelevant.
    • One woman with emphysema entered the home to spare her children the care and the anxiety of her illness.
    • These were people who had the same joys, cares and worries as my own family and wanted the best for their children.
    • Having troubles and cares adds so much weight to your mind, which then becomes harder to carry around in your head.
    • Everyone could enjoy the fresh air and warm sun as they strolled along without a care in the world.
    • But now they have moved into a different period: one filled with the cares and responsibilities of middle age.
    • She was on stage, doing what she loved and she had no cares in the world, she was just concerned with everyone staying on beat.
    • It felt good to be back in a friendly atmosphere without a care in the world.
    • These are the best days of training - with good friends and without a care in the world.
    • There were plenty of families there all having fun without a care in the world.
    • Compassion begins from where we are, from the circle of our cares and concerns.
    • I have a few stupid movies to watch, and my plan is to put her down and unplug from all cares and concerns.
    • Yet he understands that the Parkhead side will arrive with their own baggage, their own cares and concerns.
    • Our own cares and concerns suddenly melt when one sees what others are sometimes having to endure.
    • Insults and cares of concern did not penetrate these walls, and I remained almost cynical.
    • Indeed we have left the cares and concerns of the world behind.
    • Our God wants us to communicate our cares and our concerns through the power of prayer.
    • Up to the 1990s, smoking was generally regarded as a bad habit, if one that provided some respite from the cares of work and family life.
    • Michelangelo never married, but he was burdened with a family and all its cares.
    • It transports the spirit and subjugates the cares of the day.
    • The pair escape to his rooftop garret and, free from the cares of the world, begin a passionate love affair.
    • From this world we must depart to seek the world of air, the world of daily cares, great and trivial concerns.
    • Actually, there is nothing to suggest that Sourav is finding the cares of captaincy a strain and a drain on his role as a player.
  • 5

    (on letters)
    in care of en casa de
    • care of en casa de

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to care (about sth/sb) preocuparse (por algo/algn)

transitive verb

  • 1

    to care to + inf
    • He had a keen interest in golf and indeed passed his vast knowledge of the game to anyone caring to listen.
    • And for anyone who cares to listen, BBC world have a Kazakh language service available.
    • These sections have been defending rights of minorities in abstract secular terms, without caring to examine whether the purpose of secularism i.e. equality of treatment by the State is being achieved.
    • But, despite knowing much about her, or really caring to know anything about her, from time to time, Kate pops up on my girl-crush list.
    • Again, not particularly caring to answer to the trite political content per se, but looking at this as a song lyric, it is unfocused and scattered.
    • The governing party is always quick to claim a mandate (whatever that may mean) for whatever measures it cares to promote.
    • I laud The Times as a place - sometimes the only newspaper in my experience - that cares to print the truth.
    • She was more of a pragmatist than she cares to admit.
    • I'm going to post the lyrics here for anyone who cares to read them.
    • After all, the day itself is only as evil as one cares to make it.
    • It would show readers the blog cares to be as exquisite as possible, visually.
    • Nobody cares to redress the genuine grievances of aggrieved officials.
    • I see it as an art form that can address any audience that it cares to address.
    • If anyone cares to remember, they lost the last election, but they decided to work the refs.
    • The plain, scientific research on this exists for anyone who cares to look it up.
    • This charter, still valid if the council cares to exercise it, was of immeasurable value to local trade for centuries.
    • They do a wonderful job and make everyone who cares to call feel welcome.
    • At any rate, the civil war has continued if only one cares to look.
    • If a spell-checker cares to pick it up fine, if not then I certainly can't be bothered to check it manually.
    • Millar didn't care much for sentiment, but he remembered Bilsland with some fondness.

There are 2 main translations of CARE in Spanish

: care1CARE2


Pronunciation /kɛr/


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