Translation of career structure in Spanish:

career structure

trayectoria profesional estructurada, n.


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    trayectoria profesional estructurada feminine
    • Growth, and its offshoot consumption, also dictates that our career structure is dominated by salary increases and an obsession with advancement up the greasy pole.
    • The national remodelling agreement held out the promise of decent pay, professional recognition and a career structure for teaching assistants.
    • All of the usual conference debates will also be heard over the coming days, including the inadequacy of the current career structure of the teaching profession.
    • That is also a career structure within the public sector that will attract the right sort of people.
    • New classifications incorporating a genuine career structure will need to be funded to avoid costs being passed onto parents.
    • The lack of a career structure is also a major reason for planners to defect to the growing number of private planning consultancies.
    • As a working mother, I have to leave my son every day, but I now know that I have a good career structure in the civil service and decent pay.
    • Many potential recruits are deterred by the lack of an attractive career structure, enormous workloads and a lack of financial recognition for the demanding work they do, she said.
    • The proposals are designed to modernise pay and the career structure for 1.2m National Health Service workers.
    • In this way a career structure is open to those who work in the bureaucracy.
    • There is nothing that beats the stimulation science provides for the mind, but you need a career structure too, and that is what wears you down.
    • We can't provide a whole career structure like that in the London airports, so we can look for someone who is not so ambitious.
    • I want to break down some of the barriers and show teenagers there is a career structure here and a lot of possibilities in the business.
    • There is already a career structure in place but one of the things we will look at is how that and industry practices need to be changed to attract new people.
    • The Newcastle research also found that many women felt they had been ‘weeded out’ of the career structure before they had reached their potential.
    • Is it not time to devise a new career structure for hospital doctors that will allow varying degrees of specialisation, responsibility, and hours of working?
    • The career structure for clinical academics is being improved.
    • Why should we be surprised if the career structure for MP's is similar?
    • Prizes are the closest thing that novelists have to a career structure.
    • However, recent changes to the career structure and other factors have led to what I believe is a crisis.