Translation of careerist in Spanish:


arribista, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈrɪrəst/ /kəˈrɪərɪst/


  • 1

    arribista masculine, feminine
    ambicioso masculine
    ambiciosa feminine
    • It is manifestly not what public servants and military careerists are used to.
    • He is cynical about careerists and operators who flourish under patronage.
    • The court party retorted that the country party members were either secret Jacobites or self-seeking careerists, making trouble for their own ends.
    • Our celebrity driven news is presented by people who gave up being journalists and instead became careerists.
    • Many unions have suffered from years of bureaucratisation by right wing careerists and New Labour sycophants.
    • However, there are also a number of shameless careerists who inhabit New Labour, often former Tories.
    • Cynical careerists will work out early on that joining an editorial team embarked on a decades-long ‘service-to-scholarship’ enterprise is a dumb move.
    • We are the only political party with a mass link to the working class through the trade union movement, and like the unions, we have our share of careerists and reactionaries.
    • When a bunch of self-seeking careerists find themselves in positions of influence, is it any wonder things turn out to be such a mess?
    • They were extremely useful representatives of the people, and in no way out-and-out careerists.
    • We have machine politicians, patronage politicians, narrow ideologues and careerists.
    • The people I had based these characters on were clean-cut careerists rather than gangsters.
    • Polls tell us that we think they are out-of-touch, careerists, lying party hacks.
    • Not only are most journalists covering the presidential campaigns anxious, grudging careerists, one among their number is also a petty thief!
    • The younger soldiers who grew up in relatively peaceful times interpret the mentality of the careerists as one of making up for lost opportunities.
    • Jack's colleagues are a rum lot of shifty-eyed careerists, who'd think nothing of switching off your oxygen supply if they felt it would help them gain access to the next network level.
    • By throwing out the careerists and dead wood they can begin the job of turning the union into an organisation that's strong enough to defend the interests of all its members against those of the employer.
    • The loss of power will make the careerists and parasites run away from the party after they see that nothing more will be served on the party's table, and will head to the richer masses of the new time.
    • I expect the people in Congress to be careerists, because they are.