Translation of carefree in Spanish:


despreocupado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrˌfri/ /ˈkɛːfriː/


  • 1

    (person/mood) despreocupado
    she had a carefree childhood tuvo una infancia despreocupada / sin problemas
    • he felt young and carefree se sintió joven y libre de preocupaciones
    • I'd watched the small children splash around in the sea, so carefree and free from responsibility.
    • The summer is generally associated with being a bright, happy and carefree time of year.
    • It was really nice, sunny weather and these songs remind me of a carefree, happy time in my life.
    • The old ceiling and bar brought back many memories of happy carefree days of yore to those present.
    • All her family and many friends wish her good health and happy carefree days for her retirement.
    • Relaxed and carefree, they fall in love with a Mediterranean resort or a fishing village in the Canaries.
    • He has been in quite a good mood lately actually, jolly and carefree, just the way I like him.
    • I hope she, and the rest of us, have many many more warm, sunny, carefree days like this one.
    • Envy that everyone seemed to be so much happier and more carefree and confident than I was.
    • The girl's reply was carefree, as if she was personally invited by the King himself.
    • He knows how to get you motivated and to free up your mind so you can play in a carefree way.
    • They both feel too carefree and happy to worry about crashing into the big elm tree.
    • She is too beautiful, too happy, and too carefree to be so ill; it doesn't make sense!
    • Imagine switching from an easygoing, carefree lifestyle, to an uptight one with no breathing room.
    • She looked at him in the picture, admiring how easy going and carefree he seemed.
    • Seeing her so happy, so carefree when dancing made him feel left out, reconsider why he was living like that.
    • It is a positive religion, emphasising the joyful and carefree sides of the Chinese character.
    • The tease is very hard to resist, and the carefree and bubbly tone of the piece is refreshingly palatable.
    • Ashley laughed as she rolled around on the ground with Tommy, feeling carefree and happy.